ParksRogers Cufflinks

ParksRogers Cufflinks

This pair of cuffilinks was sold in ebay. Seems to
be a antique gold cufflinks. The workmanship
seems to be exceptioanally good. Wonder if
anyone actuallu have a pair similar.

Background Re-cap

Parks Bros. & Rogers was founder in Providence, Rhode Island in 1892. The company made an immediate jump into men’s jewelry with the purchase from Howard & Sons of its electroplated goods unit which included lever cuff and collar buttons.

Early on, this company was know for its pastoral scenes, By the time of the depression (when they went out of business), they were primarily producing gold, gold-fronted and gold filled cuff links under their “Parkroger” trademark. I find most of these later pieces to be very basic without any touch of uniqueness.

Park Bros. Sterling Pastoral Cufflinks (Image2)

Indeed simple in their looks. However, I discover the cufflinks actually have a unique fastener. Unlike conventional swivel. Anyone have a pair of Parks Bros. & Rogers Cufflinks?

Adwin Ang
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