Pearl Cufflinks

Pearl Cuff Links

Some of the most reserve, but dressy cuff links are the double-sided ones with a Seed Pearl (or slightly larger size) centered on a Mother of Pearl plaque. These pieces may have a surround in silver or white gold or platinum. They epitomize proper formal wear. These can be well made with absolutely no markings as to maker or even be by Mikimoto.
Additionally, you may find pieces that highlight two different color pearls

For myself, while I like to dress well, I can sometimes be more like a bull in a china shop and do not trust myself with cuff links with a pearl sticking out unprotected. If I’m going to wear a pearl pair of cuff links, I’d rather the pearl be recessed so there is less chance for me to destroy it.

Pearl cuff links are classy and classic. They belong in the wearing collection of anyone who owns a tux or tails. There are also some unique designs that should find a home in a quality collection.

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