Philips Head Screw Cufflinks [Truly Unique]

*Philips Head Screw Cufflinks*
*07. 23. 2006*

[image: phillipscufflinks.jpg]

Are you one of those types who always make a mess of things? Well here’s
something you may actually want to screw up.

These Philips Head Screw
not hassle you for all those little mistakes and lack of attention to
petty details.

They won’t even care that you perpetually run late to appointments. Screw
them on (though really they work like ordinary cufflinks)

and all of life’s little disasters won’t go away, but you will look good and
mighty distinctive while battling them.

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Review : I saw alot of innovative wearable on her blog and most are a rare
find. You might want to pop by her blog. She really did a good job in terms
of a innovative blog.

Adwin Ang
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