Pirate Cuff links

I have always wanted a pair of pirate cufflinks but I dont see it commonly
available on the flea market here in Singapore.

Below are some questions, I find it interesting from tias.com

Question: You’ve written in the past about wearing the cuff link for the occasion — what cuff links do you suggest for unsolicited takeover offers?

Answer: I have never seen a good pair of pirate cuff links and the Huns and Vandals have never been popular on ‘fun’ cuff links. There are some skull-and-crossbones cuff links, but these are generally straightforward and do not show the potential artistry of the marauding.

However, there are many versions of Viking cuff links that would be good for corporate takeovers and other dressy marauding activities. The long ships is what I would suggest, these generally are made in silver in Scandinavia (no surprise there). These cuff links can be basically unnamed (even if they have numerous marks). Illustrated are several types of silver links. This type of imagry is also found in Norwegian double-sided enamels

For corporate marauding — or even hard bargaining at an antique show, I believe the long ships can put you in the right frame of mind and serve as notification of your intent.

Special thanks to tias.com

Double-sided Viking cufflinks; click for more information

Massive Viking Ship cufflinks in silver; click for more information
big and bulky

Georg Jensen Cufflinks in Sterling; click for more information

P.S: I will be doing a email interview with Huck so do check back when you got my email/posting from forum.

Adwin Ang

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