Putting Together A Business Wardrobe for Men

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It’s easier for men to build a professional wardrobe, but as with many other things, it’s getting started that is the toughest! Let’s talk this time about Accessorizing your Business Wardrobe, and look for additional articles Dress Shirts and my article on Caring for Your Wardrobe.

Okay, guys, we’ve talked about suits and touched on the foundation garments known as dress shirts, let’s talk about accessories. I suggest you take the conservative road with regard to your business suits, especially when you are just building a wardrobe.

Conservatively-styled suits may not get you noticed at a dance club, but they will certainly be a better investment for your professional life. A good, basic man’s suit will last for years, especially if you’ve taken into account my tips on fabric, construction and color.

Accessorizing your suit with relation to neckties and cufflinks are just one way you can add a unique personal touch to your look. Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up.

When selecting shoes to complement your business wardrobe, consider your own likes and dislikes. Do you prefer lace-up shoes or loafers? Lace-up shoes are a bit more conservative, so if in doubt, start with a lace-up shoe. Loafers are perfectly acceptable, though I would emphasize that you should look for a sleek, lower cut shoe rather than a pair of penny loafers.

Shoe color can be a subject for confusion, so let’s lay the ground rules: Black shoes can be worn with just about every suit, however, men with warmer coloring can also wear brown. A good pair of dark brown shoes will also complement a navy or charcoal suit.

As a general rule, socks should match or at least tonally relate to your trousers. Today’s man has a wide variety of shades and patterns to choose from, but be careful not to make your legs the focal point of your business look by choosing socks that are too light. Black dress socks with black shoes are a pretty safe bet if you’re unsure.

Cufflinks are a matter of purely personal choice. A man preferring French cuff shirts can have a great deal of fun choosing cufflink styles and colors. They are considered jewelry, a means of self-expression.

If you are warmer-toned in your coloring, by all means choose gold, warm metals or enamels, and warmer-toned stones like amber to wear with your shirts. If you are cooler-toned in your coloring, choose silver, platinum, gemstones in rich, dark colors and bright enamels to complement your suits and your own coloring. The sky is virtually the limit!

There’s a lot to understand about cufflinks. I am able to provide you with some of the facts above, but there is still plenty more to write about in subsequent articles.

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