Rare Cuff link Closures [Rare]

Rare Cuff link Closures [Rare]
Reprinted by Adwin Ang
Part of a continuing series of articles describing the various types of cuff link closures. The National Cuff link Society has identified more than 250 styles of closures.

Sundial Closure

The Sundial closure first appeared in 1895. It was aptly named because of its resemblance to the design of its time-telling namesake. Also, known as “Quick-slide”, because of its easy method of attachment to the shirt cuff; the closure never achieved high popularity. The Sundial’s failure was attributed to a lack of tension in its grip; cuff ends often slipped from within its grasp and separated. And, because this fastening device was prone to slipping off the sleeve’s fabric, it resulted in the loss of many a cuff link. Cuff link manufacturer and retailers soon grew tired of the complaints. By 1905, the device vanished permanently from jewelry benches and store shelves.

Originally designed as a mechanism for attaching pocket watch fobs to a gentleman’s vest pocket, turn of the century jewelers soon adapted it for . use as a cuff link fastener. Though the . Sundial” closure was evident in the United States, England and Germany, there are no known patents in any of these countries.

Cuff links bearing the Sundial closure are very rare; though there are still many “singles” in the marketplace, it’s believed that less than 3000 complete pairs are in existence. Demand for good condition pairs is high; they are sought by earers and collectors alike. Wearers especially enjoy the look and conversation piece value; collectors regard them as a “missing link” in the evolution of cuff fastening devices.

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