Rods And Cogs Cufflinks – Thanksgiving Special

Rods And Cogs Cufflinks Rods And Cogs Cufflinks

Item Description:

“These cufflinks incorporate a 2 tone finish with the use of both gold and silver coloured metals, the design was inspired by a driveshaft and gearing systems and culminates in an unusual but effective design of cufflinks”

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Best For : Unisex

Fit Shirt : Look great on any shirt sleeve

Price : Affordable/Moderate/Expensive

Uniqueness Rating :

Value Added To Customer:

1. Free Gift For Order Over 35 pound
2. Worldwide Shipping
3. Online Order Tracking

Promotion code : Not Avaliable

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Get one for your love’s one this Thanksgiving! (22nd)

Adwin Ang
“Your Online Cufflinks Tour Guide!”

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