Sam Kramer’s Cuff links

Sam Kramer’s Cuff links
Sam Kramer was an offbeat Greenwich Village silversmith from 1939 through 1964. He was known for eclectic silver jewelry that started to blur the line between fine art and decorative art which continues today with many studio gold / silversmiths. He even made cuff links!  

It has been said that some of his designs have influenced science fiction writers. To give an insight into his personality, you don’t need to go farther than to examine the maker’s mark he employed — a circle with mouse ears on top and a mushroom inside.

Whether it is the art of assemblage (incorporating non-jewelry materials into the piece) or the use of multiple layers of differing designs to end up with wonderful abstract designs, Kramer concocted
unusual pieces that are generally noticed when being worn.


Cufflinks by Sam Kramer, ca. 1950, stamped “sterling”,bearing the familiar mushroom logo, and true to the surrealist creations that make him well known. The irregular shaped biomorphic link has an applied plaque and a dotted bead surrounded by stamped dots. The ends are joined by an oval link. These cufflinks are pictured on page 168 of Warman’s Jewelry, 2nd Edition, by Christie Romero. 1″ x 1/2″
Personal thought: This type of craftmanship seems to focus on the free form of cufflinks and the wearer must be bold enough to accept the type of irregular shape design. I would think ladies might be more interested in this form of cufflinks.
Another consideration is the price of the cufflinks.
Adwin Ang
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