Showcase: Crystal Cufflinks

Talking about crystal cufflinks, do you fancy some of these cufflinks?
Personally, I would go for stainless steel which requires less maintainence.There are many crystal cufflinks being sold over on eBay and online stores.Perhaps you might drop by to try your lucky on eBay.

The above is a Unisex Natural Rock Crystal Cuff Links With Gold Metal Detail
Price: $ 298, wow!
Approximate Measurements: Width: 3.3 cm = 1 1/2″ Depth: 3 mm = Under a 1/4 ”
Natural Rock Crystal Points are Nature’s Gift. Raw Edges And Inclusions Makes Each Piece Unique. Hmm, talking about uniqueness, I like that!

Next is a Reverse Crystal Intaglio Sailfish Cufflinks –
14K Yellow gold reverse crystal intaglio sailfish round cufflinks with a golden frame.
Price: $ 1750.00, phew…totally blown away!
If you are interested in antique cufflinks be sure to visit To visit and view is FREE!

“Cuff a World of Cuffs”

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