Suit help, urgently required

wedding cufflinks

Hey folks. Its my boyfriends best friends 30th at the end of the month and they are having a wedding theme. So extreme formal wear.

Was planning on wearing grey pinstriped trousers and a grey pinstriped waistcoat. So to go with it I was thinking cream shirt and this tie set|39:1|66:2|65:12&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14.l1318

What do you all think? Or if you guys have any other ideas let me know. Thank and much appreciated.
Yea I was thinking tux myself but its just not my personal style.
“Do give him your honest comment!” Cheers!

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  1. sedef1322
    sedef1322 says:

    Yeah this is formal enough but you can think of getting a darker suit for that kind of thing

  2. relinquiae
    relinquiae says:

    I like long as the trousers and waistcoat aren’t too light a grey, cause that could look a bit washed out

  3. Sandeep Jakkaraju
    Sandeep Jakkaraju says:

    yep u could go for the suit u mentioned…if u could go for a grayish tie or any other dark coloured one…it would look better i think….

  4. Casey
    Casey says:

    If someone where to say to me “extreme formal wear” I surely would not think of suit and tie. I would think Tuxedo.

    Now if “semi-formal” or “business” is really what you meant to say, I think the suit and tie look good.

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