Green and Gold Cufflinks [Antique]

Larter Green and Gold Cufflinks

Review: This pair of gold and green cufflinks was indeed a unique rare piece.
I like the circles inside, it gives an infinite feel and enamel green border signify the designer boldness in combining both material.I am more surprise by the condition even after close to 90 years. Since this pair of cufflinks have been sold, would anyone be able to tell how much it is actually worth or sold for? Please leave me a comment if you do own a similar pair.

Antique 14kt yellow gold and green enamel Larter cufflinks.

Green and Gold!

An elegant pair of green and gold cufflinks from Larter & Sons, maker of elegant cufflinks during the early decades of the last century. This wonderful pair features golden concentric circles surrounded by rich green enamel and gold borders. Crafted in 14kt gold, circa 1920.

Rear view of antique 14kt yellow gold and green enamel Larter cufflinks.

As with all fine jewels, you should examine the backs of cufflinks closely. Here you can see the maker’s attention to detail. The ornate scrolls on the usually unseen cross bars are a hallmark of Larter & Sons.

Close-up of Larter& Sons' hallmark.

The maker’s mark for Larter & Sons is visible on one side of the cross bars just to the right of the “14K” gold mark. The maker’s mark is a spring-loaded shirt stud.

Larter & Sons was founded in 1865 and made distinctive cufflinks, dress sets and gentlemen’s jewelry during the late Victorian era and first few decades of the last century. The firm had offices in New York City and manufactured its jewelry across the Hudson in Newark, New Jersey. It was known for elegant design, innovation and craftsmanship.

Name: Green and Gold! Cost: These antique cufflinks have been sold, but you will find many more wonderful cufflinks in Antique Cufflinks Gallery.

Measurements: These 14kt gold cufflinks weigh 7.3 grams and measure just over 1/2″ by 1/2″.

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