Bullseye cufflinks by 2 New York Designers

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Cufflinks are just a click away

Jul. 18, 2006. 01:00 AM

THE ITEM: Bullseye cufflinks by 2 New York Designers.

THE COST: $59.


Wedding season continues hot and heavy, and the Constant Shopper has received requests for a source for cool cufflinks.

The Toronto-based website Miego is a great source for accessories and jewellery for the stylish guy. Featuring contemporary, colourful cufflink designs by 2 New York Designers, the site has a distinctive aesthetic that can’t be found at a traditional men’s clothing or department store.

“I buy things that I think are unique and good,” said Miego founder Mandy Kung, when we met for a coffee last week.

She came to Canada from Hong Kong and found the shopping here a bit blah.

“I go to the malls and they all have the same stores. Everything looks the same. I wanted to find something different, but I couldn’t find it.”

Sourcing products around the world — Canada, the U.S. Hong Kong and Thailand — Kung launched her site in 2004. She had been working in the IT field, so she was well-equipped to create and maintain the site herself, prioritizing security.

“I have my own server so it’s very secure,” she says, noting that most of her customers are American. “When I started in 2004, Americans had no concerns about security,” she says, adding that Canadians are just now getting over their fear of shopping online.

The selection ranges widely, from handbags to home accessories, office accessories, jewellery and baby gear.

The most popular items on her site are cufflinks and business card holders, which she often personalizes for graduation gifts.

The many gift-wrapping options — which allow you to choose your paper, ribbon and create a personalized card — mean many men shop at Miego, which by the way, is pronounced Me-ay-go.

“I find that men are quite lazy at buying gifts,” says Kung, smiling.

So, girls, you may want to forward this issue of Constant Shopper on to the man in your life, for future gift reference.

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