Tie Tac & Cuff Links. Where do I get them?

wedding cufflinks

Does anyone know where I can get matching cufflinks and a Tie Tac in silver color.. that are around $150 or less? My fiance wants these and I thought it would be a good wedding gift, but I don’t want to spend a fortune. I really like these: but I don’t want to spend $190 on the cuff links alone, and I’ve checked all the local jewlers. Help Please!
Minnesota… In the cities

Perhaps get a pair at discounted store? What you guys think?

Where does the word ‘cuff-links’ come from ?

hi everyone,

I have just read a book title “Cuff Links”. This book is written by Susan Jonas and Marilyn Nissenson. My personal review on this book is that it covers a wide range of cuff links from 17th century till today. Different materials used and the designer who made the a pair of cuff links really determine the value of of the cuff links. Read more