What are the best cufflinks to buy for a man?

buy cufflinks

my guy normally wears polo shirts and kakhis from day to day, I’d like to get him some nice cufflinks, to wear on special days or occasions. I have no clue of which brand to even start shopping. I am looking for something nice, possibly heirloom quality, nothing really cheap. Advice on where to start?

I know most people try to search from auction but seriously is there such shop around? Readers what do you think?

How can I buy an Elvish Cufflink in the UK while its available only on American websites?

buy cufflinks

I am dying to get those cufflinks:

I searched the net for months and those cufflinks are only available on US sites and I have to pay with credit card and pay extra for shipment and costumes.
I searched in Forbidden Planet and Cinema store in London and no use.
If anyone has an idea of how to get them I would really appreciate it.
and yes i have check UK.Ebay

What to buy for Christmas?

buy cufflinks

I have been friends with this guy for ten years. Really he’s more than a friend to me. We always get each other great christmas presents, but this year is different. This year he actually took the initiative and bought concert tickets and made reservations for dinner. Big mouth already told about it, lmao. I’ve already bought him cologne, cufflinks, and a watch for other occasions. I want to get him something good, maybe even a little meaningful. Any suggestions?

Father of the Bride Gift?

wedding cufflinks

I really am trying my hardest to find a gift for my dad for my wedding in May. My dad is not traditional, i am not going to get him cufflinks, a wallet, a keyring, a hankie, all that stuff…he wouldn’t enjoy that. He loves music (country especially). I just want a gift that is very memorable and will make him think of his little girl everytime he looks at it. HELP!!

ps: my budget is getting tighter as we speak!

Another problem on gift selection on wedding day! Phew! People are always so busy.