3 Commomly asked Questions on Cuff links

3 Commomly asked Questions on Cuff links

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Questions and Answers

Question 1: Is it all right to wear cuff links that do not match?

Answer: Depending on the circumstances and your own confidence level, absolutely. However, there are certainly occasions or work atmospheres where the wearing of non-matching cuff links would be frowned upon. So if you are in one of those situations and you actually care what other people think about you – then you should not wear different cuff links. But there are cuff link sets that, while they definitely go together, are different from each other from Ruser’s golfing Leprechauns to a Swank watch set, they invite comment, but still are a set and do not break the status quo.

Wearing cuff links is a statement unto itself. Thus, affirmatively choosing to wear non-matching cuff links makes quite a statement about the wearer. Then again, sometimes it is just plain fun to see if anyone notices, and comments, that the cuff links are different.

Question 2: My favorite cuff links do not fit through the shirt
buttonhole. How do I get shirts to fit the vintage double-sided cuff links?

Answer: Currently, most mass-produced double-cuff shirts for the
U.S. market are made to fit toggle cuff links, which are the predominate type of cuff link sold in the U.S. The toggle takes a smaller buttonhole than double-sided cuff links.

When doing off-the-shelf shirt shopping, take your favorite or largest pair of cuff links that you wish to wear with you and try them with the shirt buttonhole. You will probably find that double-sided cuff links work best in British made shirts. If the retailer does not have a selection of shirts with large enough buttonholes, you can always consider having shirts custom made.

A basic custom made shirt will be in the same price range as the good
British made-for-retail shirts. With a custom made shirt; you can
specify the size of the buttonhole. Also make sure that the cuff itself is wide enough so that it will still lie flat after numerous washings. Whether custom made or off the shelf, it is always a satisfying feeling putting cuff links in the shirt you specifically bought to best display your treasure.

Question 3: What is the difference between a French Cuff shirt and a Double Cuff Shirt?

Answer: The difference between the two is your mindset. Essentially, the English refused to use the term French Cuff for something they wear almost every day. I suspect that we generally say French Cuff here in the U.S . due to the wonders of marketing as using the designation “French” imbues the shirt with a certain sense of style. If you currently do not wish to credit the French with anything, please use the term double cuff as I see no reason to follow Congress’ lead and call them Freedom cuffs.

Special thanks to Paul G. Huck, Captain Huck’s Booty,

Adwin Ang
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