MEN. do you wear cufflinks?

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Pickler asked:

If you do, can you wear them with any shirt or only special shirts with no buttons on the cuffs?

Im thinking of buying my boyfriend cufflinks.. would he wear them? He is in his 30’s and wears suits and ties every day at work


Orosilber Silk knot Men Accessories

orosilbercufflinks asked:

( An alternative fastener to a cufflink is the silk knot. These silk knot cufflinks can be easily fitted to the shirt cuff. They are a simple, but smart accessory. Silk knots are a cost effective yet elegant way to attach double cuffs. Silk knots are well regarded for formal occasions. We have a wide variety of different colors and from which you can do your own color combinations. We have 100 Solid Colors of silk knots.

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