Ideas to honor those passed away?

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My fiance’s dad passed away when he was only 8. We will be getting married at the age of 20. So, everyone has already grieved and is used to him not being there. However, I would like to do something special to honor his dad on our wedding day. I want it to be in the form of a gift from me to my fiance. I saw someone on a tv show give personalized cuff links with the groom’s brothers’ names; the brothers passed away while in the army. I don’t necessarily want to give cufflinks (I do like the idea, though) b/c there is only one person to honor, not two people. Any suggestions???
We are going to see each other before the ceremony. So, I want to give it to him then. I want it to be something he can have on him somehow.

Open to your answer. Thanks!

do I get them a present too?

wedding cufflinks
here’s a blog reader email:
We are getting married on march 6th, I have bought a present for our bridesmaids, groomsmens, and our moms, still debating about what to get our dads either hankies or cufflinks, but here is where I run into an issue, my fiances mom has been remarried and so has his dad, neither one (of the new spouses) helped raise my fiance he was older like 14 or 15 with his dads new wife and like 17 or 18 with his moms new husband, well I am getting ALL the guys boutinerres including his moms husband, I am getting all the ladies a corsage, including his dads wife (which he is not with anymore, but are coming to the wedding together) so I get his dads wife a present/and his moms husband a present?
it is actual customary to buy the wedding party a gift and the parents.
Anyone can provide more help on his issue? Please use the comment section.

What do i buy my dad and my boyfriend for christmas?

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Right, I need help, I’m desperate! My dad as well as my boyfriend both just had their birthdays and i wrecked my head for weeks in advance to buy them really nice presents (was quite proud with a george foreman grill for dad and a playstation chair for my boyfriend) and now Christmas is coming closer and closer and I have noooo idea whatsoever.
Cufflinks is as far as I got so you see my problem…Any suggestions are more than welcome!!!!

What can I get my Dad to say thanks for coming to my Wedding?

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The wedding is in Kenya later on this year, so want to get him something special to say thanks for travelling so far, but other than a silver key ring/pen or cufflinks (all of which he wouln’t use) I have run out of ideas.
What do you suggest?

Well, for the curious mind check out on the comment below. I am sure it helps to know more on how to deal with such situation.