Does Calvin Klein make cufflinks?

buy cufflinks

I bought my fiance calvin klein cufflinks and want to match it with ck cufflinks but i can’t find it on the web or at the stores. If i don’t find it, is it okay to buy different designer cufflinks with a ck suit?Thanks

What kind of thank you gifts can we get my fiance’s groomsmen?

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No cufflinks, money clips or anything too expensive…..We arent fancy people so nothing too fancy either….What about a bottle of their favorite liquor??? They are all different guys so I really can’t get them all the same thing. Wedding is next Saturday so I need some quick ideas. Thanks!

I’m pretty sure everyone have such headache before. Now is the solution time.

Wedding gift for my soon to be husband PLEASE ANY IDEAS WILL HELP?

wedding cufflink

I’m leaving on Saturday for my wedding & honeymoon in Hawaii.

My fiance surprised me with a gift already (a card, a gorgeous bouquet of roses & a Coach handbag) 🙂 🙂 🙂

I know it’s hard for complete strangers to help me but I’m completely stumped. He buys EVERYTHING he wants. He’s a shopaholic.

He likes sports cars mostly. He has the iphone, he has the PS3, the games, the GPS system, he’s super picky with clothes & buys expensive stuff, he’s an artist (tattoo & also oil painting) but that’s his job so it’s not like a fun thing. He likes cufflinks & straight razors but I wouldn’t even know what’s good.

Anything at all? Maybe you’ve heard a cool idea recently? Thanks a million if you can help at all.
Thanks everyone! BESSIE you’re definitely on the right track. I bought him the shaving supplies last year but his watch (stupid expensive) just broke & he does like True Religion & Deisel. I bought him the cigars & lighter for Xmas but I could definitely get a nice ashtray. He dropped his & it chipped. THANKS A MILLION!
Hey SMART & SEXY no I don’t have money like that. That’s part of the problem. Champagne taste on a beer budget LOL! And yes he does have a car that he’s obsessed with. Yep this is a hard one.

Wow, fantastic answer from our blog reader. i won’t be able to think of such an answer.