22 Ways to Find Your Matching Single Cufflinks

22 Ways to Find Your Matching Single Cufflinks
By Adwin Ang
19 August 2006
‘Singles’ collectors are you there? Well, I have manage to find at least 22 ways which you can obtain your matching pair of single cufflinks.
Would you like to read them now? I can understand your frustration when coming to find your matching piece of single or finding a missing match. The question is what it takes to find it? Well, another missing side of the pair. How it is possible it is limited made?
So much effort and time need to be invested and usually a person will give up before finding the missing ‘link’. Agree?

Matching Cuff Links to Shirts

Fashion Sense

Elegance and style are something of an art form, and it takes a keen understanding of color theory, art styles, and current trends to really capture a specific look. Cufflinks are a part of this, and can be used as a bit of flare to your outfit when a dress code is necessary but somewhat too conservative for your taste. So what styles and colors of cufflinks can you wear at different times of the day, and at different events? Let’s look into it.

During the day, you have the widest spectrum of cufflinks to choose from. This is because, generally speaking, daytime events are somewhat less formal, often not even requiring a jacket. This is when you would likely wear cufflinks dealing with sports, hobbies, or other interests. All you really have to pay attention to is the color. You may match your cufflinks to your shirt, watch band, or tie. Read more