Help with gifts for my Ushers?

wedding cufflinks

I have 4 ushers at my wedding and i’m struggling to find a suitable gift. I don’t want to get them cufflinks as they won’t use them again. Their ages are 15,21,28 and 30.

What can i get them???

Guys, we need your creativity juice to flow!

formally asking wedding party?

wedding cufflink
I already know how I’m going to formally ask my bridesmaids to be in my wedding party. I’m sure my fiance will figure out a fun way to ask his groomsmen.

What if we know who we want to be ushers and readers already? How do we formally ask them? And what are some nice ideas to ask them? For example…I’m thinking about a small gift, like cufflinks or a tie with a note inside formally asking if they would like to be part. Would like to keep this a gift $5-8per person…so maybe the above idea may not be so great.

I would love your creative answers!

Fantastics answer by one of our blog reader. Read more below.