Unique 18K Gold and Sterling Cufflinks

dear reader,

Our AAAC forum friend, Chris wanted me to post this. He went to a local estate sale recently and pounced on a NWT pocket square in wrapping; a lovely irish linen in aqua with black detailing for .50 Then he saw a sterling and 18 K gold chain cufflinks with the gold in a precolumbian mezoamerican symbol and a sun on the inner toggle.

Interestingly, he got those cufflinks at an extremely good deal of $10.00. After which, he proudly wore those links to the local meeting of SOPA; Society of Professional ( and usually unemployed) Archaeologists . Everyone gave them oohs and ahhs. And everyone said ” Oh thats um erm, I forget, was that Aztec or Mayan and I think it’s a coyote, jaquar, otter,bear holding a fish, ground squirrel, Burrito? The one mezoamerican specialist is actually in Peru .

Check out the cufflinks below. What was the figure on the surface? His local jeweler confirmed they are 18 K gold and sterling. Thank you chris for allowing me to post onto my blog.

  cufflinks 1.jpg
  cufflinks 2.jpg

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