New Look For Year 2009

dear blog readers,

I have decided to go into the specific of wedding cufflinks. In the next days, I will be posting updates on this site.
I will be adding in new post on wedding cufflinks.

Hope you like this new look for year 2009. Cheers!

whats your thoughts on those ‘father/brother/bestman’ etc wedding cufflinks?

wedding cufflink
are they tacky
is there any point buying them for the men in the wedding party
whats your thougts?
im half and half
half of me thinks noone will see them and they will only get used once, then another half thinks they are quite cheap to buy and are nice to give on the day and also unite all the men in the wedding party in a way…
everyones suits are bought for…i dont do ‘renting’ and neither does anyone i know…they are all new.

wow, overwhelming response…see your answer !

Wedding Cufflinks

Wedding Cufflinks

Who is looking for a pair of wedding cufflinks?
Hi everyone, finally I am back from my Taiwan trip. Yes, I found this website selling interesting wedding cufflinks. Most of the wedding cufflinks are smart, stylish and unusal, and they make for great memorabilia of the happy occasion for members of the wedding party.

The merchant site is at Honeypotgifts.
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