Timeless cufflinks – William Link

Devilishly good cufflinks
Timeless cufflinks – William Link

William Link was a Newark, New Jersey jewelry maker who primarily worked in sterling silver and some 14k gold. The company was in business from 1871 through 1931. Over the company’s various incarnations (quite helpful in dating the pieces) Link maintain a very high standard of workmanship and design on par with the best in Newark, including Unger Brothers.
Link manufactured wonderful Art Nouveau pieces, and in keeping with the above article here is a pair of Devils.

Link was founded simply as Wm. Link in 1871. The company became Link & Conkling in 1882 and went back to just Wm. Link in 1886. In 1893 the firm became Link, Angell & Weiss and in 1900 just Link & Angell. This period’s trademark was three interlinking rings with L A W going to L & A when the name change occurred. In 1910 the firm became Wm. Link Co. with a double link trademark.

The company founder by William Link left behind memories of the olden days cufflinks for the new folks to admire. What a pair of timeless cufflinks!

Adwin Ang

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