Too many accessories on a men’s suit?

wedding cufflink

i’m wearing a two-button skinny suit to a wedding this weekend. i plan on wearing cufflinks and a tie bar. is it too much to have a pocket square thrown in there too?
No, never cross my mind this will work out. Wow, AWESOME!!!
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  1. JerseyBoy
    JerseyBoy says:

    No, as long as it’s not to bold. If everything matches, that looks foolish, but if you have a tie bar and matching cuff links and another, different colored pocket square that matched your tie, it’ll loook good.

  2. Reggie
    Reggie says:

    I think tie-bar might be just too much.
    Only reason I say that is, you’re wearing a skinny 2 button suit. Your shirt and tie will expose a lot and you’ll have nice hanky and cufflinks.

    Tie bar might just make yourself look TOO busy… I think you should focus on a flashy tie and elegant cuffs…

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