Top 10 Must See Cuff Links In 2007

Top 10 Must See Cuff Links In 2007
Do you have any cuff links which you desired most? Have you complete your cuff links collection in year 2006?
Let’s begin the new year with the top 10 most desireable cufflinks which you must have in 2007!
Here we go:
1. Soreline Cufflinks – If you are a soccer fan of Manchester United; Arsenal; Spurs; Leeds; Chelsea; Liverpool; Newcastle; Everton, Be sure to get this pair. Place it on your desk to get envy eyes! For Soccer Fan, Score Keeper, Cufflinks collector and people with Sporty personality.

Scoreline Cufflinks - REDUCED - WAS £39.00 Cufflinks > Sporty Cufflinks

2.  Theatre Mask Cufflinks Do you like to watch theatre? Imagine wearing a pair theatre mask cuff links to your favourite theratre performace. I bet you can set eyes on your sleeves and would be better still if you are single. Hope you get what I mean here. Life is reflected onto your cuff links – Happy or Sad is just how you look at the situation. Comedy & Tragedy face masks make a perfect present for any thespian or Arts Lover.


Theatre Mask Cufflinks Cufflinks > Movie Cufflinks

3. Spitfire Cufflinks –   If you like model plane and love building model plane, why not wear your hobby? Spitfire is a true symbol of British greatness, look great by wearing one on each sleeve. Do you have a dream as a child to be able to fly one of these?

Spitfire Cufflinks Cufflinks > Aviation Cufflinks

4. Mother of Pearl Silver Cufflinks – Strangely most mother of pearl cufflinks are rounded but this pair do make me take a second look. This pair of Solid Sterling Silver cufflinks is inlaid with a generous rectangle of mother of pearl surface. Do you have a pair of rectangular cufflinks?

Mother of Pearl Silver Cufflinks Silver Cufflinks > Gemstone Cufflinks

5. Hot & Cold Tap Cufflinks
Seems to me this is a teaser cufflinks. Good for people who are optimistic and fun loving. Interesting idea from the bathroom. Nope don’t try the toilet bowl. I won’t buy.

Hot & Cold Tap Cufflinks Cufflinks > Handyman Cufflinks

6. Golf Ball & Tee Cufflinks
You must be a golf goer. Yes, else I dont think this would be suitable for you. If you were to attend any golf club dinner, you better wear your sport. Golf ball and Tee. Hmm, are we missing something here?

Golf Ball & Tee Cufflinks Cufflinks > Sporty Cufflinks

7. Gear Knob Cufflinks
Do you still drive manual geared car? If you don’t, get a pair to remind yourself of good old days! Well if you still do, show your passenger you are a professional driver and you drove manual car for its power and its speed pick up.

Gear Knob Cufflinks Cufflinks > Motoring Cufflinks

8. Bottle Cap & Opener Cufflinks
Well, if you are a bartender, do get a pair of these interesting bottle cap and opener cufflinks to enhance your image professionalism. On the other hand, if you are a bottle cap collector, you might also want to tell the world your hobby and find like mind people.

Bottle Cap & Opener Cufflinks Cufflinks > Food Cufflinks

9. Banana Cufflinks by Robert Charles
This New Zealand designer really set my eyes glued onto the “bananas”.  I call it an art piece. What’s your favourite fruit? They have you favourite fruit don’t worry. I just love bananas. For fruit art lovers!

Banana Cufflinks by Robert Charles Cufflinks > Food Cufflinks

10. Charlie Chaplin Cufflinks
Are you a Chaplin movie lover? Comedy have taken one great step foward by walking into your daily life. Remember the good old movies? Strike any laughter ? Watch the moive again.

Charlie Chaplin Cufflinks Cufflinks > Movie Cufflinks

All Above Cuff links Source at
Do you fancy any of the above? I am sure you would fall in love with one of those. Have you started to your new
year resolution? Start with your most desireable cufflinks today. Keep this secret list out of sight if spending extra would
pose a headache for you. (your spouse might nag at you again).
Adwin Ang

Unique Cufflinks Resource

P.S: I’m not affiliate to the above site and do not get any cent from promoting the cufflinks. Just my personal finding and review.
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