Ushers presents – ideas needed urgently please?

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GreboGuru asked:

I’m in final stages of preparing wedding plans, I urgently need some ideas on presents for my ushers. Suggestions of cufflinks, tankards, pocket watches, pen & pencil sets are a non starter. I need ideas for useful items that will be kept and used. Neither would ever use a tankard nor wear cufflinks or pocket watches. All wedding websites just stock same old items. Any thoughts people??


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  1. samantha j
    samantha j says:

    check out and go to “gifts for him” – there might be some ideas in there for you?
    i can only suggest where to look rather than specific ideas because i dont know what kind of budget you are on or what the ushers are like.
    and congratulations on the wedding

  2. Jo M
    Jo M says:

    when my husband was usher at his sisters wedding she gave all the ushers engraved silver hip flasks – gets used more than you would think!

  3. Ms. Davis if you're nasty
    Ms. Davis if you're nasty says:

    If they play golf, you could get them personalized golf balls and buy them a round of golf. I would search “personalized gifts” and see what pops up.

  4. groovygirl272727
    groovygirl272727 says:

    Have you thought about an IPOD, digital camera or DAB radio? I’m sure these things would be kept and used.

  5. arcticraven77
    arcticraven77 says:

    My husband looked up the favorite comic strip of his best man and bought the “original art” had it signed and then took it to the local Micheals to get a frame made (cost us 20$ for the frame) he then took it to the mall and had it specially engraved with our wedding date and the best man’s name.
    Each groomsman (since most of the boys all read the same daily comic) got a “special requested wedding comic” made comic by the strip artist (this only took a couple weeks, and a personal request by private e-mail and a total of 60$ US)
    all in all to buy 5 gifts cost us 120$ US and they each have added to their “collection” since

  6. Suz
    Suz says:

    What do they like as individuals? What are their hobbies? You don’t have to get them all the same thing.

    A gift certificate to a favorite restaurant? Gift certificates to the movies? A new shirt? A fishing rod? A new CD or DVD?

    You know them. We don’t. What do they like to do?

  7. tvelez128
    tvelez128 says:

    how about one of those glove compartment caddy things. i’ll probably end up getting one of those. it has a swiss army knife, flashlight, map, tire presure gage, and other stuff. i saw it from one of those companies that sells invitations (now and forever, the american wedding, invitations by dawn, etc).

  8. Tiger Tanaka
    Tiger Tanaka says:

    Useful items you say??

    For my groomsmen, I’m getting them Leathermans.
    (an awesome must have multi-tool)

    Each one of my groomsmen will definitely use it.

    My bestman is an engineer/architect so he will always have a time to use it.

    My 2nd groomsman loves to surf and bike, so he needs the tool to fix his equipment.

    And my last groomsman is a firefighter, and i’ve talked to a few of his co-workers, and they said that would be perfect for his job!

    I even got one for myself, since i will be moving to a new place after the wedding, and i will need to assemble furniture and whatnot, so i know it will be used.

    and it doesnt even have to be an expensive one. i got mine for like 25 bucks each. and a couple extra dollars to get their names engraved on them at an engraving place.

    dont go with the traditional stuff because that just collects dust in the back of their closets. get them something they will actually use.

    that’s my 2 cents!!

  9. Jaksi
    Jaksi says:

    We have just got married and we got our ushers a bottle of whisky in a silky lined wooden presentation box with a personalised label on the bottle saying their names and Thankyou for being our Ushers on 02/06/07. They absolutely loved it as they will drink the whisky but can keep the bottle and box afterwards.

  10. Alicia F
    Alicia F says:

    GIFT CARDS! I did $50 gift cards to their favorite stores: Sport’s Authority, Best Buy

    Believe me, they were very happy!
    But I don’t know how personal you want the gifts to be. I wanted them to really get what they wanted.

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