Want to buy some designer cufflinks.need help with where i can get some from?

buy cufflinks

I have no idea where to look – tried ebay but i found it so hard to find any at all!

Could you also recommend what kind of designer labels men prefer? This is for my our engagement party that my friends are throwing.

UK shops only please….

I am sure someone from the forum would be able to help you. Check out andy’s forum.

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  1. tinkerbell
    tinkerbell says:

    I have been seraching for the same thing recently and all i did was search with google and you’ll get a list. If your after a certain designer like Dior or Gucci then i would look on their websites.

  2. Glamour Girl
    Glamour Girl says:

    Go to overstock.com and type in cufflinks as a search. They have may designer to chose from and shipping is only $2.95. You can also go on bradsdeals.com to get a coupon code to get an extra discount on overstock.com

  3. The Bankman.
    The Bankman. says:

    Was on ebay earlier. Ozwald Boateng designer cufflinks starting at £1.99.

    Worth a pop.

    Failing that try your luck at TKMaxx

  4. thecoldvoiceofreason
    thecoldvoiceofreason says:

    Ernest Jones is probably what you’re looking for, they sell the higher end of jewellery for a high street store.

    Thats a direct link to the cufflinks section of their site.

    Hope you find what you’re after 🙂

  5. anthony9223
    anthony9223 says:

    I got a set of gold cuff links for my 21st.I am 71 and I think I have worn them about 5 times. Waist of money dear.

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