Warps of Cufflinks? What are they?

Warps of Cufflinks? What are they?

Hi everyone,

Okay today let me share with you what I have found over the internet or rather tias.com. Is this thing call warp cufflnks.

For expert cufflinkers, which they already know, a wrap is not an Atkins diet sandwich…ha ha. A wrap is a cuff link that has a band that completely loops around the side of the cuff. The band may be removable and it may be a solid piece or mesh. Thus, wraps do run the gamut from the classic to the sassy. You can find such pieces from Cartier to pieces from Swank.

The earliest wraps came out in the 1920s, including those by Cartier. This style was popular in France during the 20s. These earliest wraps were done in gold, many with jewels, and are produced to this day. This style wrap provides a finished look that was different than the finished look provided by double-sided cuff links.

Wraps were updated in the costume style of the “out there” 60s. Wraps from the 60s and early 70s are far from classy, but have certain sass as they are generally quite large (right) and some appear to have more wattage than a lighthouse. These large and garish links would have a metallic mesh band that would loop around the cuff from the main “bejeweled” face to the toggle in the back and would be locked in by the toggle. Because of the use of the toggle, these costume pieces do not have the same completely finished look as that found in the classic wrap.

Whether you want classy or sassy, wraps are fun and deserve consideration for your wearing pleasure. Now, I am sure you did realise lesser people are wearing them nowsaday.If you have a pair from your father or grandfather, why not give it a shot by weraing them.

p.s: You do need to clean the warps up abit before wearing them especially it had been a long time you since last wear.

Some burning questions you wanted to know.

When did French Cuffs first become popular in America?

French (or double) cuffs were the natural continuation from the attached cuffs. Additionally, the glamour and allure of double cuffs was clear in the movies of the 1920’s and 1930’s and coverage of the romance of Edward and Wallis. Whether you call them French cuffs or double cuffs or Mousquetaires (Musketeers), if you wear a long sleeve dress shirt, why not finish it off in style with cuff links – which says so much more about you than a button.

I have several pair of cuff links that are signed “Original by Victor.” They appear South Western with a copper/silver/brass look. Can you tell me anything about this maker?

Actually, no, while I’ve seen this signature, I do not have any information on the maker. I’ve put this here in the hope that one of the readers will have the answer.

Adwin Ang

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