Watch & Compass Cufflinks Anyone?

Have you seen these watch and compass cufflinks before?

Few of my friends told me that watch and compass cufflinks are more practical in our daily life. So I searched the Internet and found both the Watch and Compass cuff links.

What do you think?
For the watch cuff links, I personally find that the marriage of cuff links with watches is a good idea. Remember certain watches are quite bulky and once you wore a cuffed shirt you would rather not to wear your watches. Now you can have the best of both world. Also not forgetting, cuff links watches have gained its popularity in the es few years. Really? Need proof? Just go to any popular stores online. Most of the store cuff links watches are sold out!

As for compass cuff links, I think the main uses is to tell you directions. However, it does send a hidden message to people that you are a person who have direction,goals and desire.And someone who is successful. So I would grab one pair quickly. What about you? (Again, those nice limited pairs are sold out,sorry pal!)

“Cast a World of Cuffs”

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