Wearing a black shirt to a wedding.

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A friend of mine is getting married this Saturday, and I’m unsure of what to wear to the wedding. Being Scottish, this would usually not be an issue for me, as I would simply go and hire a kilt outfit. Money is tight at the moment though, so that’s not really an option this time.

Necessity dictates that I’ll have to wear my one and only suit (which is black), however my dilemma is over what shirt to wear with it. I have two double-cuff shirts – one white, one black. I know it’s probably more appropriate to wear the white one to a wedding, but the thing is it simply doesn’t look good on me. I’m a bit overweight, and therefore the black is more slimming and suits me better overall.

If I go with the black I was planning to brighten things up with a purple silk tie, some silver cufflinks and a buttonhole flower. My experience of these things is limited though, so I’m really not sure if this would be appropriate for a wedding.

Any advice?
Thanks to all who have replied so far. I would wear a dark blue shirt, however the one I have is a single-cuff and is something I wear to work on a regular basis (and my friend who’s getting married knows this). For that reason, I wouldn’t wear it to a formal occasion.

If push comes to shove I can wear the white shirt, but it does draw attention to my size and makes me feel very self-conscious.

My friend and his fiance are fairly easy-going so I don’t think they would be offended by me wearing black – what I’m more concerned about is raising eyebrows among the older guests.

Perhaps, our blog reader reply answered your questions and doubt.

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  1. Argenteenie
    Argenteenie says:

    Wear the black, you will be more comfortable and I think that it is appropriate. I also notice that when lots of guys where a white shirt with black suit they look like a waiter.

  2. bella234
    bella234 says:

    yeah that’s fine. I was at a wedding last month and there was a few people wearing a black shirt and some with white ties

  3. my chem is luv!!!!!!!!!
    my chem is luv!!!!!!!!! says:

    definitly black! it would look so hot wear like a bright red or even pink tie and a black waistcoat too!

  4. StephyBaby
    StephyBaby says:

    i think if you wear the right color tie and cuff links a black dress shirt and pants can look good. And I don’t know what a buttonhole flower is

  5. Duke75
    Duke75 says:

    Wear the black. Your hosts will want you to feel comfortable and relaxed on their big day.

  6. JM
    JM says:

    wear the black. it’s a great look especially with a bright tie. the old “don’t wear black to weddings” is a thing of the past! shoot my hubby wore an all black suit with a white tie to OUR wedding!

  7. Mike C
    Mike C says:

    well if your really subconscious about your weight then you should go with the black shirt and purple tie. but if you wanna look like everyone else go ahead. i’d go with a the white though

  8. Christy C
    Christy C says:

    i don’t think that will look good for the wedding the White shirt will look so much better but whatever makes you feel comfortable because if your going to wear the black one then maybe put it with some nice jeans and shoes and tuck it in and there you go but if you want to you could start working out (but i wouldn’t I’m a procrastinator).

  9. Delilah
    Delilah says:

    I think nowadays it’s OK to wear a black suit and a black shirt to a wedding. The one thing that would be totally inappropriate would be if you wore a white dress!

    But yes, a bit of colour would make it a bit more upbeat. I wonder if purple might be too dark for your tie. Do you have any loud but tasteful ties? They’re perfect for weddings.

  10. Megg
    Megg says:

    I think it would be fine if you wore all black as long as you liven it up with some color. I recently attended a wedding and felt the same way about wearing a black dress. That was all I could in the stores it seemed. Surprisingly many people were wearing black. So don’t sweat it! Have a good time and enjoy the wedding!

  11. rami #1
    rami #1 says:

    It’s your presence not your fashion sense which is important to your friends- so wear what makes you feel best- I like the sound of your outfit personally-

    Don’t wear a pink shirt- ever- it does not suit men- in fact, pink only suits little girls under the age of 5….

  12. beauthai25
    beauthai25 says:

    Black shirt and black suit are fine- silver tie might look good, matching the cuff links – you could always wear a black tie too… but maybe that would push the black just too far.

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