Wedding Favours. I need some ideas for boys wedding favours. Aged 12 and 14 – They are to old for childrens?

wedding cufflink

stuff now but too young for what ive given the men ! – Ideally i want to spend no more than £10 each. Thought of keyrings bookmarks and cufflinks and nothing is really taking my fancy . Please help my mind has gone wedding numb ! thanks

Stay cool… we will be able to help. No problem….have patience!

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  1. AussieLady 58
    AussieLady 58 says:

    We gave ALL 5 males in the wedding party (aged 62 to 5) Pocket watches.
    The older males wore the pocket watch & chains on their vests, the younger 2 only the chains – but the watches were given to the parents for safe keeping.
    You could do something like this for these boys if they are in the wedding party, my 10 yr old loves keyrings, he doesn’t read so bookmarks are out and cufflinks are out of date a bit too, (but then again so are pocket watches!)

  2. Bonnie D
    Bonnie D says:

    Gift cards. Itunes gift cards or a card for something else they might like. Let’s face it, a 12 or 14 year old is not going to want cuff links or a $20 watch. But if they could take that gift card and buy music or a video game, that would be cool for them.

  3. loulygirl
    loulygirl says:

    I got married last year, and had 3 boys 12, 14, and 15. I know most young boys like to use their dads spray aftershave, so, I got them a gift bag of stuff I got on EBay, dirt cheap. Small testers of aftershave, and small individual scented soaps from lush, and miniature 5ml Clarins for men face wash.
    They really loved this.
    Hope this helps!

  4. Mrs.Sherman 10-3-08
    Mrs.Sherman 10-3-08 says:

    I am having the same problem. My brother is 10 and he is in my wedding party. All that he ever wants to do is play with toys! I am going to get him a pocket watch (because his dad has one). It may not be as fun as toys but he has had a pocket watch before. It makes him feel like a grown-up. ood luck!

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