Wedding gift for my soon to be husband PLEASE ANY IDEAS WILL HELP?

wedding cufflink

I’m leaving on Saturday for my wedding & honeymoon in Hawaii.

My fiance surprised me with a gift already (a card, a gorgeous bouquet of roses & a Coach handbag) 🙂 🙂 🙂

I know it’s hard for complete strangers to help me but I’m completely stumped. He buys EVERYTHING he wants. He’s a shopaholic.

He likes sports cars mostly. He has the iphone, he has the PS3, the games, the GPS system, he’s super picky with clothes & buys expensive stuff, he’s an artist (tattoo & also oil painting) but that’s his job so it’s not like a fun thing. He likes cufflinks & straight razors but I wouldn’t even know what’s good.

Anything at all? Maybe you’ve heard a cool idea recently? Thanks a million if you can help at all.
Thanks everyone! BESSIE you’re definitely on the right track. I bought him the shaving supplies last year but his watch (stupid expensive) just broke & he does like True Religion & Deisel. I bought him the cigars & lighter for Xmas but I could definitely get a nice ashtray. He dropped his & it chipped. THANKS A MILLION!
Hey SMART & SEXY no I don’t have money like that. That’s part of the problem. Champagne taste on a beer budget LOL! And yes he does have a car that he’s obsessed with. Yep this is a hard one.

Wow, fantastic answer from our blog reader. i won’t be able to think of such an answer.

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  1. Angelina
    Angelina says:

    I bought my husband two things for our wedding.

    The first was a George Forman grill – the larger one – and to this day, 3 years later, we still use it regularly (twice a week at least)

    I also bought us matching white bathrobes with our names engraved in them. He wears his everyday after his shower so both gifts have proven both long lasting and durable!

  2. *Sunshine*
    *Sunshine* says:

    He seems to be up on the most popular gadgets so I am wondering if he would appreciate a scrapbook with things you have done together that you make yourself but I made one for my husband for our wedding gift and it made him cry he loved it but I know he loves when I make things for him…

    So maybe a scrapbook?

  3. manymeese
    manymeese says:

    For a wedding gift, I gave my husband one of those books that the people in it are him and I. If you google personal books, you should find it… I think it’s something like books by you.

  4. La La La
    La La La says:

    theres a company that does professional risque photos for newly weds
    you give that to him
    or you can get him concert tickets
    or you can get him diamond cuff links

  5. Jordan M
    Jordan M says:

    Cartier wrist watch. I got my husband one for our wedding gift and he loved it. (He put aside his other watches and still wears it.) The inscription behind it said “For all time” and our initials.

  6. texas tornado
    texas tornado says:

    That’s tough, but I like Angelina’s idea. The robes. They will come in handy in Hawaii & when you get home they will remind you of your honeymoon in those cold winter months.
    Congratulations to you both.

    BLACK SNAKE says:

    Give him your unconditional love and devotion and that’s all he will ever want or need…. Have fun especially on the wedding night lol.

  8. Diane
    Diane says:

    Sounds like he doesn’t need much, but you could still make memories. What’s his favorite band or singer? Find out if they have any upcoming tours and surprise him with tickets. It could be a memory that he’ll remember for a long time. Good luck. And congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

  9. Claire C
    Claire C says:

    If he buys everything he wants himself, then you really have to look for something unique and memorable, like something he will always cherish. How about a portrait of the two of you, some artists can make one from a photo. It’s something you’ll both be able to enjoy.

  10. Liia Sophia
    Liia Sophia says:

    Give him sex the entire honeymoon. That will help the marriage last couple of years. By 5 years, you’ll be divorced.

  11. Bessie Higgenbottoms
    Bessie Higgenbottoms says:

    Sounds like your husband-to-be has style, but that is what I got my husband for his present. I got him a bunch of Diesel jeans, nice shirts, awesome belts and belt buckles, etc.

    Maybe a nice watch or a nice pair of sunglasses? (I just got my husband a watch for Father’s Day and I am soon going to get him a fancy pair of sunglasses)

    There are fancy shaving stores if you wanted to get him to go along the lines of the straight razor. Maybe he would like some fancy shaving cream, but would never buy it for himself.

    Or does he smoke cigars? You can get him a Torch lighter ($60) and some Opus X cigars and some Padron 1926 cigars (they were top rated so you can’t go wrong with them). An ashtray would go nicely with that as well. I got my husband the Torch lighter because it was something he would never buy himself, but would totally enjoy. You can get him a subscription to Cigar Afficianado magazine as well.

  12. ~Smart and sexy all in one~
    ~Smart and sexy all in one~ says:

    Wow this is a hard one.
    Maybe a watch with his name engraved in it
    Get him some tickets to a sports game
    Do you have tattoo’s, if so put his name somewhere on your body
    If you got money like that, get him a car.
    If he already have a spots car do this: while you two are gone get his car detailed.
    You know what’s a nice store for men? Brookstone. My man loves that store.
    But whatever you do he will love it!!!!

    Good Luck!!!!!

  13. MomA4
    MomA4 says:

    Since he buys what he likes, how about something he can’t buy: a romantic wedding night focused around pampering him. Light candles, have romantic music, run him a bath, & give him a sensual massage with scented oil, whatever HE likes. It’s all about HIM being pampered, relaxed & then…well 😉 . A hot new nightie would be a nice addition, too!

  14. Bill
    Bill says:

    How about some accessories for that car hes obsessed with, designer seat covers of his favorite sports team, or hobby logo, matching steering wheel cover, and floor mats etc.. this was what I received for Christmas and I loved it. God Bless and Good luck in your marriage.

  15. stamper
    stamper says:

    Well a lot of people have already suggested so much…
    Since you bought the cigars and lighter how about a humidor to store the cigars? I bet he already has that too…
    Magazine subscription
    You could get some diamond studded cufflinks for about $200 since he likes them.

    I just can’t think of anything else. THis is so hard for me too. My fiance does the same, whatever he wants he buys so it leaves me with nothing to get him.
    I only thing I can buy my fiance that he wants is a motorcycle to replace the one he has… like I can afford that.
    Does he ride a motorcycle? Maybe that…

    I can’t think anymore, I hope this helped even a bit. Good Luck deciding, I’m in the same boat with ya!

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