What about Snapper Cufflinks?

I am sure if want to start a collection on snapper it would be really nice to know abit about the snapper cufflinks.
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hi everyone, this is adwin again. Just in case you are wondering who i am. I am the owner of this cufflinks blog. Today i was flipping through the link magazine and i saw an interesting question posted by a reader on Snapper cufflinks. The question is on what causes snapper cufflinks to increase in value over the years?

ok, before I move on to the answer.Just let me explain briefly to you what is snapper cufflinks. Snapper cufflinks are 2 pieces of metal which you click to open and snap them together to close,unlike conventional cufflinks.

Back to the answer given by the editor, snapper prices are rasing due to one main reason which is high demand.yes, wearers of cufflinks understand that snapper cufflinks are no longer produce in mass quantity.
Just let me give you a rough idea on the price over the years in 20s, they are sold as low as 25cent per pair and move on to $3 per pair in the 1930s and today in the year 2006, vintage cufflinks is selling well over $100 to $200 usd or higher.

If you are interested, to start collecting, do look out for those dated 1920s. I would also be searching for experts in this area to provide you with more advise. You can view some or request from gene if you are looking for a pair of snapper cufflinks.

Visit Gene’s website at http://www.justcufflinks.com

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