What Are Cufflinks? I mean exactly

What Are Cufflinks?

Historically dating back to the seventeenth century, a cufflink (or cuff link) is a decorative fastener
used to hold together the cuff on the  sleeve of a tuxedo shirt, dress shirt, or woman’s blouse. 
The cuff link acts as a fastener to replace the role of a button.  The design of cuff links varies
but the basic principle of a cylindrical post with a decorative end visible to the public still remains. 
It is common practice to monogram, engrave, or personalize the visible end of the cuff link to give a
more dressed or decorative look.  There are unlimited designs for cufflinks, ranging from sterling silver,
leather, all types of stones, and much more.

French cuff links are becoming a popular trend, as European influences filtrate into America.  The French cuff link is used on French cuffs, one where the material is folded back onto itself and held together by a French cuff or silk knot (also called monkey’s fists).  A more formal look than the standard cufflink, French cuff links offer elegance and fashion.

French Cufflinks

Who Wears Cufflinks?
Throughout time, it is the man who traditionally wore cuff links to adorn his formal
 attire and make impressions at gala events and important gatherings. 
However, with the change in fashion and trends, women have begun to quickly catch
on to the cuff link frenzy. 
Cufflink styles are now available for both men and women, in a variety of shapes, sizes,
metals, materials, and designs. 
Originally sporting a formal look, cufflinks are now widely accepted in all social circles,
 from the dressiest to the more casual. Finding the appropriate cuff link suited for the occasion is easy at Cufflinks Depot!

How to Wear Cufflinks
Cufflinks cannot just be worn with any clothing garment.  Certain shirts are designed specifically for the usage of
cuff links and some include the holes for stud sets, as well.  A stud set is similar to a cuff link, but it replaces the
button holes going down the front of the shirt.  For garments designed for either cufflinks or stud sets, where one
would expect a button, instead there is a hole.  This is where the cufflink or stud set would be placed.  The

 choice of stone, color, or style of the cufflink is purely personal, but should be consistent with the type of event
you are attending.  For example, a more elegant cuff link should be worn with a tuxedo shirt, while a more casual
cufflink, such as a sports’ oriented one, could carry a more casual usage. 
Furthermore, cuff links can be worn to match the tone of your watchband, tie, or shirt.  

The Many Faces of Cuff Links
Cufflinks are available in scores of styles.  From doctors and golfers to football and basketball designs,
cufflinks are made for almost every profession,interest, or hobby.  Cuff links can include various logos, emblems,
monograms, and personalized or engraved designs. Where there isn’t a cufflink to match your fancy, Cufflinks Depot
can design a custom cufflink to suit your liking.  The investment in a custom cufflink is appreciated when realizing
 the unique cuff link style and design!
At Cufflinks Depot, we carry more styles of cufflinks by famous designers than anyone in the world. 
Many of our styles are unique and exclusive to Cufflinks Depot.  Along with having the widest selection of cufflinks,
we also offer “industry-best” customer service and feature only elite delivery with our shipping partner,
FedEx.  We offer choices of overnight, 2 day, 3 day and ground service within the continental United States.
We are proud to offer another industry-first, by offering customers “in-house” cufflinks and accessory engraving by
our GIA-certified master goldsmith. 
Performing engraving on-site allows us to commonly ship out personalized cufflinks on the same day the order is
placed if the item is in-stock and the order is placed before 3pm.
Our range of cufflinks include fiber optic cufflinks, Swarovski crystal cufflinks, onyx cufflinks, mother of pearl cufflinks,
vitreous and Cloisonné enamel cufflinks
sterling silver cufflinks, and many more elegant and unique cufflinks!

FREE SHIPPING via Federal Express Ground on all orders over $100.
Please contact us with any questions or for more information about unique cufflinks!

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