What are different and unique groomsmen gifts?

wedding cufflink

I have 16 days to get my groomsmen something for the wedding. I do not want to get them cufflinks, flasks, or anything like that. Trying to be different. Reason I still havent gotten them yet is because I cant think of anything.

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  1. *Miss_Autumn*
    *Miss_Autumn* says:

    What seems to be a novel idea to most people is getting them something that fits their individual personalities and interests. They don’t all have to be the same.

  2. Harmony
    Harmony says:

    Video games!

    Get each a game that suits what he likes, and what console or PC has. 🙂 This was done at my cousins wedding, and they really liked it – all the guys from the 32 year old groomsmen, to the 12 year old 🙂

  3. kcorradins
    kcorradins says:

    a nice/high end bottle of their favorite liquor
    tickets to a concert/sporting event
    gift cards to golf courses
    netflex subscription (it’s not really that expensive!)
    I-tunes gift card

    hope this helps…good luck!

  4. Mauren
    Mauren says:

    How about nice bottles of wine, whiskey, or other favorite liquor and some cigars ? Or you can give them a set of tickets to the next game to relax and just have fun in most correct sports fashion. These gifts will make some great memories for them, I believe. Read for more ideas.

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