What are the best cufflinks to buy for a man?

buy cufflinks

my guy normally wears polo shirts and kakhis from day to day, I’d like to get him some nice cufflinks, to wear on special days or occasions. I have no clue of which brand to even start shopping. I am looking for something nice, possibly heirloom quality, nothing really cheap. Advice on where to start?

I know most people try to search from auction but seriously is there such shop around? Readers what do you think?

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  1. Pishpuns
    Pishpuns says:

    Buy a pair of vintage Belais Cufflinks. The Belais brothers were considered the Gods of white gold jewelry. Their Cufflinks are highly sought after, and their work is superb. They are definitely heirloom quality. My husband just adores his.

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