What can I buy my dad on Father’s Day?

Just wondering what you can get dad on father’s day? Well, take alook on this article and will give you some idea. If you are mad with your dad for whatsoever reason, think of us compare to the universe. We are just dust…

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day, 18 June 2006 By Michael Hanna

Dads, and in fact men in general, are notoriously difficult to buy for. And Father’s Day is a tricky one – it’s not as personal as a birthday, but you can’t really ignore your dad on the day when every other father in the land is getting a new tie. The secret of a good Father’s Day gift lies in thoughtfulness. You may not feel comfortable telling your dad that you love him, or that you are grateful for all that he does for you, but you can express a great deal with a hand-made card, or a carefully chosen gift.

Put yourself in his shoes

Think about what your dad likes, and needs. If he has an important business meeting coming up, maybe a new tie or shirt, from somewhere like T.M.Lewinwill be appreciated. When the meeting comes around, you can remind him to wear your gift, and tell him that you will be thinking of him. If, on the other hand, your father is a stay-at-home dad, who spends his days in jogging bottoms and a t shirt, then maybe he needs some time and space to himself once in a while.
What about a gift he can keep?

Perhaps you would prefer to buy your dad a keepsake for Father’s Day. There are plenty of affordable gift ideas out there, and many of them are easy to get hold of from websites. H.Samuel is a familiar high street name, but you may not have realised what a huge range of gifts they have. There’s bound to be a store near you, and you can also try out their website – you can find what you want by shopping by price, by brand or by category.

Ideas for Traditional Dad…

If your dad is the traditional type, who wears a suit and tie to work, then maybe he would like a smart new watch to complement his business attire? Classic brands such as Accurist and Seiko are perfect to add a sophisticated touch to his look. You could also consider a pen set – it’s not the most exciting of presents, but if you have it engraved with your dad’s name or initials, it will become something much more special.

Cool Dad…

Does your dad still reckon he’s hip with the kids? Then treat him to a poker set, just make sure he doesn’t play for money, or he might fritter away your inheritance. Alternatively, why not get him something from one of his favourite brands? Well-known names such as Ben Sherman and Puma are now producing funky gifts, jewellery and watches.

Young Dad…

For the younger dad, you might like to think about buying some jewellery. Of course, not all men go for jewellery, but if you know that he wears it, you could give him something a bit different like a silver dogtag necklace or a chunky bracelet. Again, engraving these gifts can make them extra special. Or why not find a cool, sleek photo frame to give him? Add the personal touch with a precious photo of the two of you.

Older Dad…

Cufflinks are always a good bet for Father’s Day, and they are getting more stylish. It’s up to you to choose whether your dad would like fun, novelty cufflinks, a traditional discreet pair or some designer ones from a top fashion brand like Police or Ben Sherman. Another great present, which will be appreciated by the many dads out there who like the odd tipple, is a tankard or hip flask.

Thanks Dad

Whatever you choose to get your dad, the most important thing about Father’s Day is that it gives you a unique opportunity to tell you dad just how much you love him, and what he means to you. It may be that those words won’t actually come out of your mouth, but the perfect present will do the talking for you.

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