What can I get my Dad to say thanks for coming to my Wedding?

wedding cufflink

The wedding is in Kenya later on this year, so want to get him something special to say thanks for travelling so far, but other than a silver key ring/pen or cufflinks (all of which he wouln’t use) I have run out of ideas.
What do you suggest?

Well, for the curious mind check out on the comment below. I am sure it helps to know more on how to deal with such situation.

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  1. pinkribbon
    pinkribbon says:

    Something traditional made in Kenya.Like a carving.Or what about something like a local costume?
    Hope you have a fab wedding.

  2. indydst8
    indydst8 says:

    Think about what kind of stuff your dad is into: books, being a handyman, cooking or whatever. Then make a quick mental note of what he has or ask him outright is there something he would love to do but doesn’t have the resources for right now. Then surprise him with that or a gift card toward the purchase. If you really get stumped a Visa, MC or Amex gift card would work just fine too.

  3. jigsaw
    jigsaw says:

    a Rolex but you might not have the money
    or a funny book about daughter getting married
    or something to do with homer Simpson

    well thats what my dad would like

  4. Carinangel
    Carinangel says:

    You don’t need to give him anything. Acknowledge him in front of your guests for all his support as a father. That is one of the best gift you can give as a dad. Cheers!

  5. Allan W
    Allan W says:

    If he drinks, an engraved flask.
    If he’s a do it yourselfer, a Gerber Multi tool or pocket knife.
    What does he collect? Knives? Guns?
    Plays billiards? A Cue.

  6. bluebird
    bluebird says:

    Have a picture taken with your dad on your wedding day put it in a beautiful frame and give it to him. But, it doesn’t really matter what it is that you give him, he loves you and will love what ever you give. Bless you.

  7. Badger
    Badger says:

    HI Dizzy – I got my Dad a subscription to a radio control car magazine, coz thats what his hobby is. You dont HAVE to get something traditional – you know what his likes / dislikes / hobbies are so get him something based on that. Good luck for the wedding! 😀 xx

  8. julia G
    julia G says:

    Here is a great gift that will mean so much to him, If you have an old picture of you and your dad laying around, take it to a jewelry store and have the picture engraved into a medalion. A card will be the finishing touch, with the best touching moment you have ever shared with him written as a momentum…

  9. tvelez128
    tvelez128 says:

    dad’s are always sentimental with their little girls. hand write a letter on gorgeous stationary, put it in a shadowbox frame alongside 2 pics-one of you as a little girl and one of you as the bride. he’d melt and this would mean more to him than a flat panel tv! very cost effective, too!

  10. pspoptart
    pspoptart says:

    Perhaps an activity while he is there to bulk up the experience like a safari ride? Whatever you choose it should be easy to pack or give it to him beforehand.

  11. theresa s
    theresa s says:

    congratulations on your big day coming.
    make a B I G fuss about your dad on the day too.
    make sure the master of ceromonies acknowledges the fact that your dad flew out to be with you

    Failing that – offer to pay his flight

  12. JAMES -
    JAMES - says:

    Why do you not just take him aside and tell him how grateful you are that he came. Tell him you love him !!!!

  13. madusa666
    madusa666 says:

    By him a nice watch. or get him a nice day trip in Kenya, that you think he would like.

    You could have you and your hubbies portrait done and have it framed for him.

  14. Ms Mat Urity
    Ms Mat Urity says:

    My daughter was married this week and she wanted to say a very special thanks to her granda as she thinks the world of him. She gave him an expensive bottle of boxed whisky which isn’t unusual but she also just sat down and wrote her feelings and thanks to him. She printed it off fancy on the computer and mounted it and framed it for him. Doesn’t require to be poetic but just in 4 verses telling him how much it meant him being there that day and thanking him for all the wonderful yesterdays and finishing off thanking him for who he is and how proud she was he was with her on her wedding day. She finished with lots of love, her name, kisses and the date of her marriage. I am sure there are some special things, although your dad probably knows that he would treasure if done like this. Her granda is almost 90 and in their case the groom in his speech also said this is what his new wife wanted to say to her granda today. Now you may wish to keep it private, that’s up to you but I am sure if the idea appeals to you, you could think something up along similar lines. Sadly, the very next day her Granda was rushed to hospital and will have major surgery shortly so I bet she is so glad she did this. With all the very best wishes for your wedding and your future together.

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