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  1. newsgal03
    newsgal03 says:

    Here are some suggestions:

    pocket square/monogram handkerchief
    Anything sports related
    A handwritten note
    A coupon book for lots of lovin’

    Good luck! I’m sure whatever you get, he’ll appreciate.

  2. MrsMac
    MrsMac says:

    Pewter celtic hip flask

    not expensive, but very very different.

    I got one for my hubby, filled it with fine malt, and after the minister was done with us, we got caught having a swig by the photographer!!!!

  3. wilsoac1
    wilsoac1 says:

    My husband loves wolves. For my wedding gift to him I have him a statue of two wolves, male and female, where is female is licking the cheek of the male. He loves it! Think of some thing that he really enjoys and get ideas from that.

  4. mike1942f
    mike1942f says:

    How about something that he will actually use (cuff links, ha) that you will see him using and you will know he likes, but he is not forced to use? If he does hand work, a special tool from a wood chisel to a wrench to a measuring device to a shovel. Gold plated if you have to. How about a good carving knife if he is expected to carve that roast or turkey? Does he cook, do you – something you can share in the kitchen. Some exotic spices you can share. Drag him off to Williams-Sonora (whatever) to get his interest. Or a hardware store, or an auto tools shop, or a woodworking (Rockler) supply store. These days, if he does wood working, a really nice slab of wood!!

  5. Loda
    Loda says:

    I think a pocketwatch is pretty cool, classy and a little different

    Also, what about a traditional shaving set? The ones with the cream, the brush, etc?

  6. Barbara B
    Barbara B says:

    Does he even WEAR cufflinks?

    What are his likes/dislikes?

    Does he love tools – how about a gift certificate to the local hardware store. If he’s into sports, then tickets to his favorite team/event.

    Or, how about a hand-written “certificate” that you’ll support his “one night out with the boys for poker” or “sunday football game – without interruptions (emergencies excepted – babies do arrive during the SuperBowl)”

    I’d draw the line at a mistress however. No kidding.

    I mean, c’mon. If you don’t know his likes/dislikes by now, I’d think twice about marrying him.

  7. hazhaley
    hazhaley says:

    give him yourself im sure hel be happy enough, get some well sexy underware and sweep him of his feet when u get home show him what his really married a night hel never forget
    alternitvly get a stripper

  8. Sazzy
    Sazzy says:

    Get a small box and in it put things it from when your first met kissed,fell in love,when you got engaged and may a photo of where your getting married or where your heading for honeymoon! You could write a poem about this your wedding & how you give all that you have your heart!

  9. Jaksi
    Jaksi says:

    I am getting married in 3 weeks time and have got my partner a framed cd of our first dance. It is in a mount with our names and the date of wedding at the top and the cd of our first dance. I thought it was a great and different idea xx

  10. jenwoglom
    jenwoglom says:

    How about a day doing something he would really love – like tickets to a sports game or a weekend of camping, etc…

  11. Rosie Rainbow
    Rosie Rainbow says:

    go for something you know he will definitely like, as someone else has said look at his interests, I’m sure you know him really well as you’re marrying him lol

    if it helps I’m getting my fella a new guitar as the reason we met was because he was teaching me to play (through his ex but thats another story!) so the guitar would be special to us and special to him as he really wants a new one.

    see if you can find something thats rare and collectible perhaps that you know he’d really like? who wants to go for tradition anyway, I know if I got my fella cufflinks hed prob think they were earrings or summat haha!

  12. sparkleythings_4you
    sparkleythings_4you says:

    I’m getting my fiance a PSP, it’s something he wants, something he will use and it means I can take my DS on honeymoon guilt free lol…

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