What Did You Give Your Groom As A Wedding Gift?

wedding cufflink

As I look at the books containing wedding gifts for men, I can’t help but to be bored by the selection of flasks, keyrings, and cufflinks. Is there anything else out there for groomsmen?
I’m talking about a gift to the groom.

Thank you for all who answered maturely.
Okay one more time: I meant to say groom and not groomsmen.

Great answers from our blog reader. Check it out at the comment section.

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  1. Corporate Kermit
    Corporate Kermit says:

    Just get on your knees when you get to your hotel room. That should be enough for him. For now, anyway.

  2. kasthy
    kasthy says:

    A Playboy magazine. It will help him relax and he won’t bother you after such a long irritating day and let you sleep…LOL.

  3. godwin j
    godwin j says:

    i am not married but i would have given to my bride, what ever she wants (only what you can afford)

  4. Carlos G
    Carlos G says:

    what i will give to your future man is a little “night” dress so you can where on your honey moon that will spark the moment! LOL

  5. CoolGuy_Ravi
    CoolGuy_Ravi says:

    make a portrait of the guy with a good artist and gift him that. I personally feel that’s gonna thrill him a lot.

  6. thegirlwholovedbrains
    thegirlwholovedbrains says:

    Two different questions. For my groom (not a first marriage) I gave him a basket of trial size shampoos because he’s a freak about his hair (he’s losing it!) and he likes to try new shampoos like they’re going to make it stay in longer – lol

    For groomsmen, how about just doing giftcards? You can get them for restaurants, sporting goods stores, telephones, department stores, grocery stores, speciality shops, even just Mastercard ones to order stuff online… bookstores… the list is huge and some grocery stores and drugstores now have HUGE displays with about 50 or 60 choices. Choose an amount and then just choose the type of card individually. Go a little higher for the Best Man 🙂

  7. Thomas S
    Thomas S says:

    Go to a shop that sells local artist pieces. You can probably find some great little carved boxes within your price range. They will be more special than the usual tat and you can inscribe the inside lid with a Sharpie! Don’t forget to date it!

  8. Gillespie's Helo Girl
    Gillespie's Helo Girl says:

    When i got married to my husband i was sick of all the drab shab that men always get, so i got my husband a personalized ring (designed by me). It was expensive but it meant a lot more to him. His wedding ring is a small silver band, so i also got him another band of the same kind and got our names, our sons name and our wedding date engraved on it. He loved it! if your mans not into that sorta thing get him something you KNOW he likes to do. Like tickets to a concert he really wanted to go to, a new tv or soundsystem, or a trip he’s been dreaming of since he was a child. BUt whatever you do make sure its as magical of a present as his is for you.

  9. puckbunny
    puckbunny says:

    I bought my honey season’s tickets to our local hockey team. 2 seats…so we had a year’s worth of dates already planned or he could go with one of his friends. He loved it!

  10. piepiepie
    piepiepie says:

    Nothing, am I supposed to? Oh well. If he wants something, he can go buy it. We’re not really the gift giving couple. We sort of just buy stuff if and when we want it. Why wait for a ‘special’ occasion?

  11. Blue
    Blue says:

    My friend gave me a flask with the date of the wedding on it. At least I know when to send the anniversary card. I have never used the flask, honestly it is to nice to put anything in it.

    When I got married my wife left the groomsmen gifts to me (figuring that I wouldn’t go thru with buying them I am sure). I had a best man and then three groomsmen, I just went and purchased gifts that I thought would be great for each person. For example I knew one buddy that needed a computer so I went with him and helped him purchase the computer. Another friend works on classic cars and I knew there was a certain tool he wanted so I got him that tool. So if you just think of things they might need or heard them say they need it will mean more.

  12. Cultural Infidel
    Cultural Infidel says:

    We went for a joint gift, and bought together a really nice digital camera. Perfect if you’re going on a really scenic honeymoon (we went to St Augustine.
    Or are you talking about Groomsmen?
    How about a gift basket? They have some really neat ones for guys, Like candy bar boquets, and football sets

  13. hope
    hope says:

    1st, throw the books away. 2nd who is your future husband? Really think of what he would like. I would try to keep it kinda sentimental though. Before my husband & I got married we went to baltimore. there was this artist who drew pictures of you & we had one made. We loved it so much ever time we went some where that did that we had one made. I hired a guy to draw us on our wedding day and gave it to my husband that night. He loved it.

  14. bubbles
    bubbles says:

    Nada…… sorry more money to the honeymoon…. no sense of wasting money on a trinket he’ll never wear or use.

  15. mamanook
    mamanook says:

    For your husband-to-be, why not go to one of those Glamor Shot places where they do your hair and make up, and have all kinds of sexy outfits to wear? Naturally this gift would be just between the two of you. For the groosmen, maybe gift cards for a very nice local restaurant. Best wishes to you!

  16. Sweetserenity
    Sweetserenity says:

    Your answers may be lame because the question asks about the groom and the details ask about the groomsmen. Anyhow,my groom got ME and a cutesie little piggy bank marked retirement fund with out names on it. We had agreed ahead that rings and the reception were gift enough. Think about the purpose of the attendants gifts. If its mostly a thank you for helping/participating and sharing in our day thing then most gift certficates do the trick, as do hockey tickets, basketball, etc. If you decide you want them to have a momento of the day then you are stuck with most of the boring selections you have seen. My neice bought those little wooden boxes that men use for their watches/rings and had a small metal engraving put on the top of each. When I was married ions ago, I gave out heavy glass beer mugs with their names etched on the side….each one had a certficate for one night of refills on the mug of their fav beverage at a local brewery we haunt (the average fill on a glass is $6 there but the bartender made me a deal for a one-night pass). They dont all drink so for the two we know abstain, we included a $25 food certificate to the same place. A heartfelt thank you card is really all that is necessary—the guys are happy to be remembered and just glad to receive just about anything. It was the women that we had an awful time shopping for….seems they look at gifts through different eyes. Good luck.

  17. jennyss
    jennyss says:

    Just think about something that he would like and appreciate. With all the money spent on weddings, receptions, gifts for everyone, it can be overwhelming. You may want to ask him for suggestions. My husband and I got matching recliners because we didn’t have a lot of furniture and we enjoy watching movies together. It made more sense than buying an engraved flask or keyring that we wouldn’t get use out of. There are a lot of options out there. Just think outside the box. Find something that you know he will enjoy and appreciate. A joint gift for the two of you works too. Just ask him his feelings on the subject. Another option is to not get anything. I mean, you’ll be getting enough gifts at the wedding and for any showers you had before anyway. Just enjoy the time and don’t stress over the material things! Congrats!

  18. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    i am not planning on giving my fiance a gift at all. Nor do i expect a gift. Are you talking about giving gifts to your ushers? Just give them all something they would like. You dont have to give the same thing to each of them.

  19. rskturner
    rskturner says:

    Give him something that he’s always wanted, for example I gave my husband a rare edition comic book that is hard to find, something he always talked about and wanted since he was a boy. He was very happy. My cousin gave her fiance’ a set of golf clubs and paid a year membership to an exclusive golf park. My mother gave my father an Movado watch for their 20th anniversary.

  20. hotdoggiegirl
    hotdoggiegirl says:

    Find a gift that is special for you two. My husband has a watch obsession so I got him cufflinks that are made of vintage watch movements. They were unique and fit him totally.

  21. sparkleythings_4you
    sparkleythings_4you says:

    This is a hard one isn’t it, I’m thinking I may get my HTB a playstation 3.

  22. debhas5
    debhas5 says:

    My husband and I didn’t do that, but my sister in law gave my brother a really, REALLY nice tool chest. Look at Sears for that. If he likes sports, season tickets would also be a great idea. How about a piece of furniture like a Lazy Boy chair? I wish I could help better here, but I don’t know your budget or what he likes. Does he ski? Water or Snow? If he doesn’t need skis, how about the clothes that go with it? How about some Uggs? If you don’t know what those are go to uggs.com They are real nice comfortable sheepskin boots/slippers. I love mine.

  23. dEZ
    dEZ says:

    This depends on the interests of your groom. Go with something that he will enjoy, not something generic. Get creative!

  24. galixcysmagic
    galixcysmagic says:

    I am REALLY big on the gift I give meaning something to the person I give it to (or hope it does) I try to find that special something. I have given fresh roasted cashews from the mall nut kiosk for an Easter gift to the cashew fan in my life, special picture frames for the hard to decide for teenager who has everything, special candies to grandma, a special Dale Earnhardt Jr denim jacket to the Jr fan, lunch at a favorite restaraunt (that often gets pushed aside because its too expensive to eat at) Try and think of him and get him something even if its cheap that means something to him or to the two of you. Where was the first place he took you on a date too and how long has it been since you’ve been there? Maybe a card with a coupon and gift card for a special “date nite” there for when the wedding is over?

  25. Linda
    Linda says:

    I gave my husband a beautiful pocket knife years ago and he still uses it. I had it engraved with our names and the date we met. NOT the day we married. He loved it.

  26. newyorktilson
    newyorktilson says:

    Traditionally brides do not give gifts to their grooms. Your hand in marriage and committing to him for the rest of your life is hard to top, especially with a keychain, cufflink or clasp. If you are going to give him a gift though I would make it very personal forget the books. My husband gave me a My Little Pony purple unicorn because I loved the color purple and unicorns.

  27. melodi_jean_99
    melodi_jean_99 says:

    Are you going on a honeymoon? You could plan a day for you two and have it all paid for before you go. I know a friend of mine spent a week in Maui and she bought her husband a day of golfing. If you are going somewhere tropical you could have snorkling planned or something of the sort.

  28. Happily Engaged
    Happily Engaged says:

    I am actually giving him a time capsule containing some keepsakes that hold a lot of memories for us. I’m getting it en scripted with our favorite saying and a little love note. I thought it was a cute idea!

    Good Luck!

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