What do i buy my dad and my boyfriend for christmas?

buy cufflinks
Right, I need help, I’m desperate! My dad as well as my boyfriend both just had their birthdays and i wrecked my head for weeks in advance to buy them really nice presents (was quite proud with a george foreman grill for dad and a playstation chair for my boyfriend) and now Christmas is coming closer and closer and I have noooo idea whatsoever.
Cufflinks is as far as I got so you see my problem…Any suggestions are more than welcome!!!!

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  1. ella.knight
    ella.knight says:

    cuff-links are a classic and are usually appreciated, a tie is another idea, for some really good ideas go on to the link i attached, you can get brilliant personalised goods, im getting my mum to but all of her xmas shopping on there, loads of stuff i want! 😛 its a great site, with loads of wacky stuff and classics, hope it is of use to you, tell me what you think of it!

  2. Graham W
    Graham W says:

    Don’t know waht you should get them but DO NOT get them socks, underparts, ties or aftershave!

    TANGERINE says:

    I don’t know where you live but, fur lined leather gloves are usually warmly received. (No pun intended.) And, tickets to a sporting event they really enjoy would be thoughtful. Good luck and happy holidays!

  4. Pendipidy
    Pendipidy says:

    A personalised gift or something really unique and original. I know a website called and they have really good personalised gifts and and loads of things that are quite different.
    I’ve used them a lot and they have always been good. Good prices too!

  5. Jo
    Jo says:

    How about a designer beanbag or designer deckchair from.
    They can be made with either Eyes WIde’s trendy artworks & photographs or have your own photo printed onto the fabric.

  6. stilldebugging
    stilldebugging says:

    Dad: really nifty, simply espresso maker (if he likes that kind of thing)

    Boyfriend: nerdy t-shirt (if he’s kinda nerdy)
    funny t-shirt (if he likes silly humor)

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