What is Locket Cufflinks?

Hello everyone,

Have anyone heard of locket cufflinks? Well, it’s a pair of cufflinks which you can add your personal touch like putting your initial plus each locket cufflink can hold two pictures and you can locks shut. This is much better than photo cufflinks right?

If you do need to have additional engraving on the exterior of the locket cufflinks, then I would suggest you visit GROOMSTOP.com. You can personalized your cufflinks the way you wan it to be. In addition, just to give you a short preview here, this website also sold a wide range of cufflinks theme related to wedding.

I can also say the price is reasonable given the fact that you can have a secret compartment for your photos.

Next site I came across is at Gifts.com.
A unique pair of monogrammed square locket cufflinks. Each of the sterling-silver locket cufflinks can insert 2 tiny photography of your loves one. I do have a suggesstion here. Have you heard of photo stickers? May be you can give it a try.

Here is another design – A Rectangular locket cufflinks from Wheesh.com.

The Sterling silver rectangle lockets is simple in design and could hold 2 tiny photos as well.The only difference are the studs used. If you don’t like rotatable stud, then you can go for this fix stud. However, in terms of storage, it might be a litte bulky. Again, this locket cufflinks gave me a straight impression of classic design. I would most likely to get a pair.

Just a word of caution. When you decide to buy a pair of locket cufflinks, always read the review given by other buyer,compare prices and most importantly, look at the shipping cost.

So what do you think? Anyone keen to get a pair of locket cufflinks now?

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