What kind of thank you gifts can we get my fiance’s groomsmen?

wedding cufflink

No cufflinks, money clips or anything too expensive…..We arent fancy people so nothing too fancy either….What about a bottle of their favorite liquor??? They are all different guys so I really can’t get them all the same thing. Wedding is next Saturday so I need some quick ideas. Thanks!

I’m pretty sure everyone have such headache before. Now is the solution time.
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  1. EK
    EK says:

    How about some engraved flasks FOR their liquor? Those are usually pretty inexpensive and a neat gift for a guy as well… That’s what my brother-in-law gave to his groomsmen, it’s one of my hubby’s favorite things…

  2. dawnee
    dawnee says:

    Before I read your whole question I was thinking a bottle of whiskey or something. If you want to class it up a little also get them 2 nice “high ball” glasses for serving the drinks in. Even the grungiest guy will get out a nice glass to drink his Makers Mark out of. You can get highball glasses at Crate and Barrel for under $5, lots of other places too.

  3. kmoore2003
    kmoore2003 says:

    My husband bought his groomsmen multitools from wal-mart. They were about $35 dollars each (he even convinced me he needed one too). He also got them flashlights because what guy couldn’t use a flashlight? While we were there we bought one for ourselves because we realized we didn’t have one in our new house either. The flashlights were $15 so total he spent $50 on each guy. They all seemed to like the gifts a lot because they are actually something they will use. My husband has used his multitool a bunch of times since the wedding putting together new furniture and such. Good Luck finding something that your guys will like!

  4. Bill G
    Bill G says:

    just get them some beer. u know what they r drinking at the wedding beer. u know that’s all they want and that is beer. no thank you cards necessary

  5. Megs
    Megs says:

    The favorite liquor sounds like a good and fairly cheap idea. You can throw in a glass or two bought at Bevmo or some other place.

    Or for the Best Man you could get him two engraved glasses from a store like Things To Remember as an extra thank you.

  6. starbux_girl
    starbux_girl says:

    is the problem with money clips that they are too fancy or too expensive because you can get ten dollar money clips at Things Remembered and have them engraved with your initials and you would probably spend about twenty bucks a pop. Probably cheaper than liquor and my fiance has a money clip and he is not fancy and he uses it all the time since he is a waiter and always has a lot of cash. I am bias because we are getting money clips for our groomsmen but if you really do not like that idea you could get engraved key chains. If you go with the liquor which is not a bad idea at all you should definitely personalize it because the whole point of favors is so they have a keepsake of your wedding. Print you own labels with your names the wedding date.

  7. Victoria H
    Victoria H says:

    We gave fossil watches, and we gave red sox tickets to the best man he loved them… I also like the idea of giving them whatever they like make it creative. My sister is giving her groomsmen oakley sunglasses.

  8. zayjack
    zayjack says:

    My husband did the engraved flask as well with alcohol in it. You could give each groomsman their favorite alcohol in each flask. You can find some pretty inexpensive one at the
    There are also flask cigar holders. Most groomsen smoke a cigar with the groom out of tradition so this would be a cute gift as well.
    The guys loved their flasks!

  9. dayzi
    dayzi says:

    we gave outr groomsmen engraved beer mugs with outback GC cards in them.. (they are not fancy guys either!) steak and beer.. what else would a guy want?
    My husband got a GC for green fees at a local golf course when he was in a wedding.

    Good luck…

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