What shall i get my mum and dad for their wedding anniversary?

wedding cufflink

I want to get them something they will actually like and not just pretend to like and never use. Last year i got them a set of modern crystal glasses, which they loved. My parents are in their late forties and aren’t really interested in soppy things with poems written on they prefer more thoughtful useful thing with some sentimental value (so engraved jewellery/cufflinks/etc out the question). They also love a drink so i was thinking some expensive wine or something. Any suggestions? Was thinking of spending up to £40
I agree budget have been the greatest concern since the start of this year! No worries, check out the solutions!
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  1. ladybug136
    ladybug136 says:

    I know you said they don’t like soppy things, but what about a framed photograph of them from their wedding, or from a long time ago? If they like useful things, you could get them a nice set of dishes, or maybe a piece of furniture.

  2. angel_qoh
    angel_qoh says:

    .,make a cross stitch of wedded couples…then include their wedding date..like that…then let the cross stitch framed…
    i think they’ll gonna like it.

    ADRIANNE says:

    nice cooked meal, set the table, buy some wine, flowers, spread petals on their bed. Put on some nice music, serve them dinner then go spend the night at a friend’s house. You can alsol put them a nice candlelit bubble bath. Ring before you come back home.

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