what should i buy for a christmas gifts peeps?

buy cufflinks

well im spending christmas with my bf and dont no what to buy him well i thinked of playboy cufflinks,bracelet with my name or his name on it,watch,massarge thing and calvin klein perfume so now i dont no what to buy him pls help

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  1. Katherine<3
    Katherine<3 says:

    maybe a scrapbook of pictures of you guys, or a photo album, depending on how much work you want to put into it. Make him a big cake, or some cookies with a cute note that tells him how much you love him. give him a booklet of I.O.Us, with things like 1 kiss, 1 hug, etc….Maybe make him a dinner by yourself, or spend a day with nothing but you two…

    I have always found homemade gifts the best in relationships =]

  2. Vivian M
    Vivian M says:

    If he’s one of those guys that likes to smell good, get him a cologne. Calvin Klein has good ones, but so does Ralph Lauren. I like Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren and I got it before for my bf and he loved it! DVDs are always good to give out, also your watch idea is a good one. Good Luck and Merry Christmas!

  3. ImYoUrMaN
    ImYoUrMaN says:

    Hey im a Guy and im 19 and i love it when my GF gets me porn videos for me….we watch them together and then it totally gets us in the mood….but if he is not that type then get him a watch with your and his initials engraved in the back of it!!

  4. jenni
    jenni says:

    i would get him cologne too unless he has specific interests.tell him to make a list with everythin he would like to get and then pick one thing.
    dont get no scrapbook. i do not know even oone guy who would like a scrapbook for xmas unless he’s some kinda douchebag. maybe as anniversary gift or valentines day but not xmas!
    or give him a sexy dance in sexy lingerie.

  5. roundFERnow
    roundFERnow says:

    well it perdy much seem as if you are very on it. You hit it right on, i mean all would be great. Te bracelet is an excellent idea, but not as much with the names… perfume WOW the man that does’nt want cologne . is very Questionable . You know.

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