What should I get my best man and groomsmen as gifts?

wedding cufflink

I am wondering what to give my best man and groomsmen as gifts for the wedding? I am aware of the common ideas, flasks, cufflinks, glassware etc. but I would like some unique ideas if anyone has any? I do not want to spend a ton of money as the weddding and wedding budget is smaller. Thanks

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  1. A K
    A K says:

    My fiance liked knives for the guys, as they are all in the blue collar line of work. But decided to get them personalized stein’s instead. Flasks I think are a little unusable, but even something like the drink ware can be made more fun (like the German steins)

  2. LA
    LA says:

    Make them a basket and theme it.

    Do they like beer? BBQ? Movies? etc….

    If they are a beer guy get them different kinds, snacks (like pretzels, peanuts etc.), maybe even a t-shirt.

    BBQ- Get tools, coals, hickory chips, etc.

    Movies- Movie money/gift cards, popcorn, sodas, candy, etc.

  3. phantom_of_valkyrie
    phantom_of_valkyrie says:

    There is no rule that says you have to get them all the same thing either. My groom gave his all tie tacks but some of the best loved ones have been Best Buy gift cards.

    Consider this like a birthday present…get them something unique that appeals to them. You could get them each something unique–perhaps one a giftcard to a sports store, another a DVD, another who just got married a gift card to Home Depot. Think about what makes these people your best friends.

    A friend who is a hunter/fisher got his all something hunting related–bullets for their guns, a new cooler, lures, new tackle box. The idea of knives is great too.

    Dorkier friends might like something Star Wars related. Are you doing a grooms cake? What is going to be on the grooms cake? A cousin is a huge Florida Gators fan–he might consider something with the National Championships on it. Perhaps if you are a big NHL or NFL fan and your team won Stanley Cup or AFC champion–you could go with something along those lines.

    I’d go for something that either represents You and your friendships with them–or something specifically for them that you know they would like.

  4. mannasox
    mannasox says:

    We got our groomsment gifts that were related to our wedding an also sentimental gifts just for each of them.
    For example, we are having a beach wedding, and our groomsmen drink, but we dont like the idea of flasks or cufflinks etc, either, so we got them sailboat bottle openers, and one of the groomsmen my fiance fishes with, so we got him a really odd unique fishing reel. So it has sentimental value to it. cuz those two are just weird like that.
    Think about the person you’re giving it too.
    also I bought some stuff from this sight to pass out to the attendees too because they had lots of beach stuff.
    So its like gift baskets kind of, just separate things.

  5. Gigi (Jen) D
    Gigi (Jen) D says:

    My fiance got his groomsman a nice leather flask and shot glass set from Dillards. Luckily, we got them on sale. We are saving $ by not having them engraved (costs a fortune)!

  6. muchadoaboutnothing
    muchadoaboutnothing says:

    This site I recently found has tons of stuff all of my guy friends really seem to get excited about. I guess it appeals to the kid in them – as there are lots of fun items from guns that shoot marshmallows to soft, cute, plushy diseases (like Syphillis). They also have some unique caffeinated products and of course tons of geeky items.

    They have tons of affordable things. If you wanted to give out push microbes (the diseases) they’re $5.99, but if you order 5 or more you get 15% off.

    I’ve given these to people and they’re always a huge hit! I gave my friend Syphillis, I gave my doctor the Common Cold, and I gave my dogs Rabies.

    That’s the link right to the microbes, but you can navigate the rest of the store from their, too.

  7. mamatucker
    mamatucker says:

    I got the groomsmen different gifts. I got one a beautiful pocket knife. I got one of the younger ones in his early teens, a video game. It does not have to be the same, just something that would suit them. I would think a gift card to a resturant would be cool.

  8. Mollie P
    Mollie P says:

    We had t-shirts made for the entire wedding party. They said something to the affect of “Mollie and Ben got married and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”.

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