what wedding gifts can i give to the following?

wedding cufflink

my 25 year old friend (female) whos reading a poem at the ceremony
my 18 year old cousin (male) whos playing the violin at the ceremony
3 grooms men aged 12, 14 and 16 (all gifts need to be the same and something they could use again not cufflinks etc)

on a budget so nothing to expensive!
and no vouchers..to impersonal and at xmas when they got some they sold them on ebay!

Wow, fantastic answer from our blog reader. i won’t be able to think of such an answer.

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  1. Tracy L
    Tracy L says:

    Go to. You can get a lot of reasonably priced presents that are personally engraved, plus I got my order in 6 business days!

  2. Yvonne P
    Yvonne P says:

    The website and store, Things Remembered, has a lot of inexpensive gifts for the wedding party and participants. For your 25 year old cousin that is reading the poem, have you thought about a piece of jewelry or an engraved frame that commemorates the event?

    I’ve seen some pretty unusual gifts that are reflective of the interests of the people, and they can be very inexpensive. For example , I went to a wedding where the groomsmen each received a hammer that was engraved with the wedding date. Most importantly, remember that the gifts are a sign of your thanks and appreciation and do not need to be flashy or expensive!

  3. bseig06
    bseig06 says:

    Ya, in this day and age, gift cards are the best bet. There are the kind that are just like a debit card, so they can use it anywhere. Thats what my sister in law did.

  4. casper4
    casper4 says:

    Try gift cards to their favorite stores or restaurants. Or books or DVDs you know they would like. Tickets to a ball game or the movies. Coffee, wine or chocolates. A baseball cap or a jersey from their favorite teams.

    Why do all the gifts need to be the same? What if they don’t all like the same things? I can understand keeping them in the same price range, but don’t think that they need to be perfectly identical gifts.

  5. Linda S
    Linda S says:

    I suggest u can have a look at colored clay doll, it is 100% handmade and fully customize. Unique and exclusive for your friends only.

    You can see the colored clay doll gallery from here:

  6. Sasha
    Sasha says:

    female poem reader…..a good bottle of wine and some posh chocs
    male cousin…..something engraved for his violin?
    3 grooms men…..a watch each? not the same obv

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