What you never know about sterling silver cufflinks?

Hi everyone,

Did my headline catch your attention? Hope it does.
Now you might say sterling silver cufflinks are just a pair of man’s cufflinks which were worn by supposely ‘MAN’ that’s all, nothing much.

Well, then you better read on. This is a no nonsense facts which I have gathered for you,my dear friend. At least all in this page.

Before I begin, may I explain the two word sterling silver? What exactly is sterling silver? Sterling silver is basically an alloy of silver containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. The measurement unit is 925.

People classified fine silver (99.9% pure),as soft metal which is only suitable for use to produce large structure objects. On the other hand sterling silver is alloyed with copper to strengthen its composite. This allows silver to retain ductility and preserve its precious metal content.

1. Value for Money Silver Sterling Cufflinks Shop
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2. Smallest Sterling Silver Cufflinks. Small is nice. General rule of thumb is your cufflinks should not be biggger than the first section of your last finger.

3. Ancient Trademark Sterling Silver Cufflinks – Handmade with the most ancient and accurate techniques.

4. Cheapest Sterling cufflinks & wholesalers you can find.

Just in case you are asking how to purchase a pair of sterling cufflinks at the lowest price from Alibaba.com, first you can make an enquiry to the wholesaler or manufacturer either from China or Hong Kong. Enquire for wholesale price of cufflinks. When wholesaler send you the list of price for cufflinks. Don’t be shocked by their wholesale price. Don’t share the information. Just keep it to yourself. I am sure retailer wouldnt want you to know this.

Of course as an individual you cannot purchase at the wholesale price unless you decided to start your business on eBay.com.

Just a tip it does not matter what is the minimum quantity to order, there is always something called ‘SAMPLE’. Hope you get the hint,ya.

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