What’s a cute gift to give my fiance’ at our wedding? Am I to give him something @ the wedding/reception?

wedding cufflink

Traditionally (just in his family) the bride presents the groom with some cute little gift like cufflinks, a watch, etc. I have no CLUE what to get him. He’s such a simple, clean cut guy, I’m lost!
Read on to see what this user had to say. Honestly I am very hurt. Read all this and THEN answer my question.


Just another thing: to KITTY RODGERS, who doubted my relationship and the amount of my creativity:

I could think of a 1000 things that he would love and find very romantic. I am a spontanious, fun loving, wild girl. I need ideas on SENSIBLE, CONTEMPORARY things. Things that would not make my future in-laws skin crawl. (I like the vibrator idea though….) If you feel that my forthcoming marriage will be less than par simply because I can’t make my mind up on a simple gift, then the real problem doesn’t lie within my marriage, it’s your mindset

I’m pretty sure everyone have such headache before. Now is the solution time.

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  1. Emily
    Emily says:

    Maybe a really nice shirt beforehand? A tie?

    p.s. I feel like the vibrator idea would be more of a gift for you than for him, but as a joke maybe it could work…

  2. kittyrogers
    kittyrogers says:

    Dear, if you have no more imagination than this, I wonder how successful your marriage will be. Will you be asking us about having a baby in a year or so? I mean, if you can’t even get your fiance’ a simple present, I shudder to think what will happen when the really IMPORTANT decisions come along. Dear, this is a no-brainer if ever there was one.

  3. Jessica Alba
    Jessica Alba says:

    How about matching bathrobes with your names monogrammed in them?

    If you both enjoy wine, get him 4 bottles of wine to celebrate that night, your 1st anniversary, you’re 10 yr and your 20 yr.

  4. really????
    really???? says:

    a pocket watch with a special saying like “Your wings carry me through” engraved inside it, tie clip with a favorite sport like golf or football on it.

  5. two
    two says:

    Boy, if you are having trouble figuring out what to get your honey as a small token of love gift now, before you get married, whatEVER are going to do when you are married and you are going to be giving gifts for his birthday, Christmas, New Years, Anniversary, etc. ? You just need to give him a gift from your heart – if he is a reader, then give him a first edition book ..or Love Sonnets from Shakespeare….if he has a sports activity he likes, then give him something he can use that way ….there are some very nice watches out that attach to belt loops and buckles to stay out of the way and safe from moving hands (ie, off the wrist)….if he golfs, a Ping putter, …a Monte Blanc pen…..a mahogany and gold money clip, …..

    I’m sure when you quietly think about what he would like and forget about it being given at the reception, you will find the perfect little gift!

  6. boardintooblivian2
    boardintooblivian2 says:

    Let me be the first to welcome you to one of the realities of marriage: You’re now both drinking from the same pool! Whatever you buy him is money that’s coming out of both your pockets. So if you want to really surprise him, tell him “Honey, I don’t wanna buy you crap you don’t want cause I know you’ll just go get what you do want later. How about if you and I go find ourselves some wedding presents for each other?”

    I’ve been married for seven years. One of the best parts about it is not having to be burdened with all that nonsense that you put up with while dating. After a few years of marriage you’ll know what he likes a lot better than you do today and picking good surprises get a little easier. But there’s nothing wrong with saying “I was thinking of getting you this, what do you think?”

    And neither my wife or I feel any less loved to have the other say “Sweetie, I would really like you to have something you want. Go get it.” Some folks might call that unromantic, but I can tell you that he will find a whole lot more arrousal in coming home from a guilt-free shopping trip with something he really wanted than in trying to pretend to like something that he didn’t. And I’m betting that you will find the same to be true for you as well.

  7. Angel sent from heaven
    Angel sent from heaven says:

    I would say just get him something that he likes.or if you can’t think of anything.you can always go out one day. without let him know what you are up to.ask him to show you some things.that he might like.and one day while you’re on you’re lunch brake go out to the store and get.one of the things he showed you the previous days before.Best of luck and congratulations on you’re big day.

  8. greeneyed_clergy
    greeneyed_clergy says:

    Since it his family tradition, I think it would be a nice gesture to do this. Some couples do, some don’t. Usually the wedding rings are the first gift, though some do the Rose ceremony as the first gift.

    Find something engravable. A tankard, a lighter, a money clip, even a nice pen & pencil set. Something that he doesn’t have to wear or not be used.

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