whats your thoughts on those ‘father/brother/bestman’ etc wedding cufflinks?

wedding cufflink
are they tacky
is there any point buying them for the men in the wedding party
whats your thougts?
im half and half
half of me thinks noone will see them and they will only get used once, then another half thinks they are quite cheap to buy and are nice to give on the day and also unite all the men in the wedding party in a way…
everyones suits are bought for…i dont do ‘renting’ and neither does anyone i know…they are all new.

wow, overwhelming response…see your answer !

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  1. gilly g
    gilly g says:

    Most shirts dont need cufflinks and with the price of a wedding you’d be best to economise where you can.

  2. Duke75
    Duke75 says:

    They are OK but like you said, they will never get worn again and will probably end up on Ebay.

  3. fizzy stuff
    fizzy stuff says:

    Ive never seen that, but it sounds cheesy. Better to give them something they will get excited about, like a round of golf or something. I would just have them wear the cufflinks that come with the tux rental.

  4. Jenny J
    Jenny J says:

    a gift is from ur heart. It doesn’t need to be a show piece, just an expression of your gratitude, matching cuff links sounds personal and use full, I like the idea

  5. King's Kid
    King's Kid says:

    Waste of money and will only be used once. The tux shop will provide cuff links with the tux. It’s a no-brainer. I agree with your opinion of these things.

  6. Deanri
    Deanri says:

    I think cufflinks are a nice idea but why don’t you go with just a nice set that can be reused rather than a “father of the bride” or groomsman” set? That way they can wear them again and will appreciate them more.

  7. oy vey
    oy vey says:

    They are tacky. Anything that is personalized with a bridal theme is not an appropriate gift.

    If anything there are very nice cuff links available at a nominal price that are very plain. I would opt for that or have them engraved with the first initial of the persons last name.

  8. *cutie witha booty*
    *cutie witha booty* says:

    Probably a waste of money considering they won’t be seen and probably not be worn again. We got the men engraved flasks and we filled them with each persons favorite alcohol. They loved it.


  9. fizzygurrl1980
    fizzygurrl1980 says:

    Eh, I think any accessory that actually says something wedding-related, such as “Best Man” on it is a waste of money. I have a friend who has stood up in 17 (yes, 17) weddings, and she absolutely never uses any of the gifts again if they say something specific, like “John and Mary’s Wedding, 2007,” or if they are personalized with her name and “bridesmaid” on it. However, she gets a lot of use out of her mini Coach purse, freshwater pearl necklace, and makeup case that she got from other brides who decided not to personalize anything. I feel bad for all those girls out there who are spending so much money on cute, engraved bridal party gifts without even realizing that their friends won’t ever wear a “Jones-Smith Wedding 2006” t-shirt ever again.

    If you want to get the men cuff links, just pick out a plain, tasteful pair in a classic style that they might actually get to use again.

  10. brianandjessfunk
    brianandjessfunk says:

    I think its a bit cheasy but a good old tradition. I would totally go for it. Congrats. on your marriage!

  11. Helen W
    Helen W says:

    We bought sets for the all of the men in our party – we know they’re a little bit cheesy but we wanted them to have something unique to our wedding – it doesn’t matter to us if they ever get worn again or not. We had 7 men to get gifts for so had to find something fairly inexpensive (I hesitate to use the work ‘cheap’) and these were ideal.

  12. Lydia
    Lydia says:

    If you are set on buying cufflinks, choose a style which is neutral, not with names on them.
    It’s rare that men use cufflinks anymore, French cuffs aren’t worn that much for shirts, except for very formal occasions.

  13. mogofo
    mogofo says:

    Are we talking ‘novelty’ cufflinks or just bridal party gift cufflinks???

    Novelty obviously avoid like the plague, but as gifts if they are simple and timeless then yes. I received a set when I was an usher at a friends and still wear them to work… in fact my friend often checks when I see him! If your bridal party are the type with shirt wearing jobs then they will be much better received, if they are brickies then perhaps not?
    I got married recently and gave the best man etc a silver money clips, the bridemaids got a piece of jewellery

  14. angela
    angela says:

    i think they are a waste of money they will never get worn again,

    if they need cufflinks thou but them nice ones and give them as the gift anyway,

  15. Sarah R
    Sarah R says:

    I got a set for all the men. They were a nice little gift for them. Its your decision but as you said they are cheap and if they want to change them at the reception you dont need to know.

  16. Tinkerbell
    Tinkerbell says:

    I love the idea of cufflinks as a present, but would stay away from ‘father/brother/best man’ ones. You can buy some lovely ones (from next, UK) and they are quite cheap and then at least they can wear them after the wedding.
    It is a bit of a waste of money if they only wear them that one day, and yes they will probably end up on ebay and then they are not very memorable or special, whereas normal cufflinks can be worn time and time again.

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